By possiblyoverweight - 08/11/2011 14:01 - United Kingdom

Today, my baby son latched onto my nipple for a feed, after a month of having to be bottle fed because he wouldn't latch. This would be fantastic, if it weren't for the fact that I'm his father, not his mother. FML
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that1guy1 13

Hey, it's a step in the right direction!


that1guy1 13

Hey, it's a step in the right direction!

You no what they say if your titiies are big it's time to put on a wig. Trannies ftw

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It doesn't mean op is out of shape. Babies know where breasts and nipples are supposed to be if they are breastfed.

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32- It could have just made him self-conscious about his body. If you are over weight, you know.

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Anyone else pictured that episode of Family Guy were Peter tried to breast feed Stewie?

Agreed with 125. Peter breastfed stewie, probably the funniest moment ever.

Agreed with 125. Peter breastfed stewie, probably the funniest moment ever.

Agreed with 125. Peter breastfed stewie, probably the funniest moment ever.

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Son "it looked like you had more milk than mommy"

hahahahahahahahahahahaha good eye good eye XD

YDI for not getting in shape when knowing a baby's coming to be able to play outside with him.

To him, it doesn't matter. Just be happy that he is heading in the right direction

True, for him.. All he needs is love and MILK :)))

I came to the comment section of this FML with hopes that no one has made a family guy reference, and so far no one has. I just dont know exactly what to say, but just know I thought about it.

I hate it when I find hair in my milk...

Especially when it's not my own hair. And that of a nipple. A mans nipple.

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Even worse, a PUBIC HAIR, havnt had one if those in quite a while.

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It's also a sign that you're slightly retarded.

It's also a sign you should go **** yourself

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if you ****** yourself, would that be considered incest or masturbation?

56 - What's the matter? Butthurt that your comment was seen as useless and pathetic by everyone? Maybe you did the same thing when you was a baby and now your trying to play it off. Lemme hear a reason.

FLOCKZ FTW. so his sexuality is, what, a car i guess? And there's a sign over it saying "OFF"? Hmm...

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men can also lactate . though it's less common .

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We begin similar as embryo and fetus. Oddly as female. Specifics can be googled - it's odd but wtvr. Rib from Adam?

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They weren't made for biting? Well, shht.

Q:Why did God make women with nipples? A: To make suckers out of men.(:

Men have nipples because both male and female embryos start out as female. As the baby grows, testosterone kicks in and he grows his junk. Nipples on men aren't biologically useful. And if a man lactates, it means he has mammary glands and he is most likely a hermaphrodite.

Because male are just an evolved female, that's why we are stronger and smarter, well some of us, oh shemales are just another species

Nipples are also derived from sweat glands

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73 - Sexist ASSHOLE... not only that you've shown that you don't know A THING about evolution or how it works!!! TTFO (Time to **** OFF)

Actually, 59, it's normal for men to have mammary glands -- it doesn't mean they're intersex. Most men can lactate under certain conditions.

It's left over from early fetal development - at a certain point we were just a fetus with an undetermined gender, and then a flood of hormones came along in utero and told us what gender we were going to be. Nipples are a leftover from that time. Men do have mammary tissue, anyway. Just a tiny, tiny bit of it. (thank you google)

cj7geojeep 0 we don't...pulling fake facts out of your ass gets you nowhere. You're not as smart as you think, buddy.

Because they are sexy! Or maybe nipple rings... Which are sexy! Soooooooo, yea, to be sexy. Besides, just imagine a topless man, nippleless. Gross!

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Sweet succulent man nips. No one can resist, even though they may deny.

Ur wife either has really small boobs or u need to get in shape

Like said a few comments ago, this doesn't mean he is overweight. The baby just couldn't tell the difference between a female or male nipple.

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95- Actually, OP's name is even "possiblyoverweight". So I'm pretty sure the dad has some big man boobs.

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Maybe it's "possiblyoverweight" because he feels that if his baby confused their nipples then he might have man boobs, which is often the result of being overweight.

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That's basically what I said -_- lol.