By possiblyoverweight - United Kingdom
Today, my baby son latched onto my nipple for a feed, after a month of having to be bottle fed because he wouldn't latch. This would be fantastic, if it weren't for the fact that I'm his father, not his mother. FML
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I came to the comment section of this FML with hopes that no one has made a family guy reference, and so far no one has. I just dont know exactly what to say, but just know I thought about it.

  Justforlolz  |  14

56 - What's the matter? Butthurt that your comment was seen as useless and pathetic by everyone? Maybe you did the same thing when you was a baby and now your trying to play it off. Lemme hear a reason.

  Sweet121  |  0

Men have nipples because both male and female embryos start out as female. As the baby grows, testosterone kicks in and he grows his junk. Nipples on men aren't biologically useful. And if a man lactates, it means he has mammary glands and he is most likely a hermaphrodite.

  ShyAnn29  |  14

It's left over from early fetal development - at a certain point we were just a fetus with an undetermined gender, and then a flood of hormones came along in utero and told us what gender we were going to be. Nipples are a leftover from that time. Men do have mammary tissue, anyway. Just a tiny, tiny bit of it.

(thank you google)

  jePomme  |  0

Maybe it's "possiblyoverweight" because he feels that if his baby confused their nipples then he might have man boobs, which is often the result of being overweight.