By ImTheD0ct0r - United States
Today, I found my brother wearing nothing but underwear. That would have been okay if it weren't my lingerie. FML
ImTheD0ct0r tells us more :
Hey op here. I loved all the comments. They were really funny. And I did throw away the lingerie. The worst part was it was my favorite pair so I was sad I had to throw it away.
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  baref00tmama  |  15

And if thou also wisheth to chastise those gentlefolk whose grammar lacketh, thou should maketh sure thou useth "were" when referring to a plural and not "was".

  isallwaysme  |  27

i see you're new to FML.
Rule number one, always write in full sentences. nvr typ lik dis.
Rule number two, try your best to spell everything correctly, especially the "your, you're" and "there, their, they're" or grammatical nazis will correct you.
Rule number three, never say "first" on a first comment.
Rule number 4, dont state the completely obvious things. (kinda being a little hypocritical, oh well.) These are some of the base rules.

By  TheDrifter  |  23

I hope he went for the knickers instead of the thong, anything that looks like a baby bird hanging out the sides is bad. On the plus side, you know what to get him for his birthday.

By  KChubs  |  12

Burn the lingerie that he wore. It is no good anymore. Seriously though, he was probably just curious and maybe wanted to try cross dressing. Still It is not okay to wear your clothes (especially underwear) without your permission.