By TheLoneSoul - 13/09/2015 14:22 - France

Today, I received a call from my wife. It would've been great if she hadn't left on a business trip 3 years ago. FML
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So what exactly does your wife do other than another man/woman?


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you think she would have called before 3 years passed

...2, you can't be that dense. No, you can't... Even if she had a damn good explanation, it still would not be enough (in my eyes). It's just outright ******-up, through and through.

Ok, what if she was kidnapped and just escaped? Is that still not enough of a explanation for you?

72 -- that would literally be the *only* thing that would work, and she better have some proof. If she just calls me up after that long and says something along the lines of "Oh, hey, honey, how's everything? It's been a while, huh? Oh yeah, some guy kidnapped me and I managed to escape. Took me 3 years. Phew!" ... yeah, she's getting the hammer (proverbially, of course).

Most definitely. I want to know what happened!

This has to be the most/one of the most confusing FMLs. It needs a follow up

I'm with you guys. This needs some story, we want details OP! :)

here ya go op's wife left him and he's too stupid to have figured it out. he's also stupid for not divorcing her ass after a month.

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I'm sorry OP, I can't imagine how that must've felt like.

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I might not be able to imagine it, but I think "ouch" sums it up nicely.

Sounds like she's got some EXplaining to do.

Certainly a lot of "business," and not the kind that involves companies. This might be one of the most WTF FMLs I have seen...

So what exactly does your wife do other than another man/woman?

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Ever seen castaway with Tom Hanks? It's a great movie.

Yoh Dude! that is one LOOOONG ass Business trip!