By faitoh - 23/05/2013 22:00 - United Kingdom - Lisburn

Today, whilst driving past a cyclist, I thought it would be funny to make him jump by blasting my horn right behind him and then driving off. I guess he thought it would be funny to catch up with me, yank off my wing-mirror, and hurl it through the open window at my face. FML
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Um, OP here. Scared to reply because of the abuse I've been getting but obviously I deserved it, I know that. 1. I guess I posted it as an FML because I realised how much of a dick/arsehole/****/wanker I'd been... 2. The guy wasn't cycling to the side like he should have been, he was more out to the middle. I just lost my cool to be honest, if he doesn't care about his safety by doing that, why should I bother about not making him jump? (unpopular opinion obviously...) 3. I should probably point out that this was a quiet road, I was the only car, otherwise I wouldn't have done it, which may be surprising to some of you... 4. He caught up to me because I slowed back down to normal speed after about 30 seconds. Guess he was stronger than I thought. 5. I KNOW I'm a colossal twat. But I still hate cyclists. Some of them are SO up their own arses. Having said that, I WILL NEVER EVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS AGAIN.

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flockz 19

**** my life i'm a colossal douche.

He was right. It is funny, because you were being an a-hole.


flockz 19

**** my life i'm a colossal douche.

exactly. not sure how this has ANY fmls.

Because voting fyl doesn't mean you feel they don't deserve it, just that the event still sucked.

Well, people will spam any old button sometimes, for trolling or for badges or for who knows what. Plus, his life can still suck even if he is a major ********.

suboy 10

You have to figure that OP isnt the only a**hat out there. Everyone who clicks FYL probably would have or has done the same thing to someone.

This one ranks right up there with the guy who sassed his mom and got smacked into next week. No sympathy at all for this asshat.

MidnightMusic53 37

@ 49, not true. I accidentally clicked it. I amended my mistake by hitting YDI right away.

As soon as I saw "I thought it would be funny..." I clicked YDI.

150, same here. If you thought it would be funny to do something stupid or mean, and it backfired or someone got revenge, then you definitely deserve it.

79, don't forget about the douche who abused his cat that was just declawed.

He was right. It is funny, because you were being an a-hole.

Next to the definition of a dick in the dictionary, there is a picture of OP

bombroot 9

Dislike ^ Means : dis, i like! In Jamaican

Chellybelly92 14

You completely deserved it. I absolutely HATE when drivers taunt cyclist. I was almost hit by another car because someone was taunting me.

bamagrl410 31

This reminds me of a news article I read today about a lady in England who hit a cyclist, drove off, and bragged about it on Twitter until people brought it to the attention of the cops. Some people are just rude, and I don't understand why someone would want to intentionally hit a cyclist. They're on the roads all the time here, and it's not like they're causing any trouble.

There was a case similar to that where I live. Some horrible woman in a van deliberately rammed this cyclist from behind and because they were on a windy road he ended up first smashing into the embankment and then skidding across the road and over the side. Broke his back and spent ages in hospital. Good news is that he was wearing one of those GoPro cameras on his helmet and caught her picture, van and registration on film. ****** got sent to jail and justice prevailed.

I get why drivers hate cyclists - being one myself, it is true that crashes often tend to be our fault: I was nearly hit the other week, partly due to a misunderstanding and the car going faster than I thought it was, but mostly my own fault for not paying attention. But just because you have a shit ton of metal protecting you doesn't mean you're invulnerable to Karma. Remember when Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins got hit by a van? One of his coaches got hit the next week. Just after an Olympic bus driver hit and killed yet another cyclist. That was the best way cyclists will ever make their point, but they don't get given a chance.

I hope you didn't post this expecting sympathy op because this is the most textbook example of a ydi that I've ever seen. On a side note, way to go biker dude!!

Mr_Mole 24

You deserved it and so much more.

Just be glad that's all he did. Last year I was on my motorbike, riding with a few mates, and some arsehole did this. Well long story short, one of my mates put the guy in hospital with a broken nose, broken jaw, and 3 fractured ribs. If the cyclist had gotten off his bike and beaten the crap out of you I'm sure we would all be saying that he did the right think you massive arsehole.

I cannot believe how many people liked this comment. It's a completely one-sided story, who knows what you and your mates may have been doing, and regardless a motorbike is completely different than a bicycle and some person deserved to be beaten like that and put in the hospital for honking? I hope your friend suffered the consequences of his actions as you seem to think the person who was beaten did

What the hell? That is an extreme case of battery, which could be a felony. Who would hospitalize someone just for that? The idiot must have some serious anger issues. Your friend was likely forced to pay for all his medical bills and jailed for a good amount of time. You and your friends are a waste of space and assholes through and through.

suboy 10

Is it considered karma when the person you wronged exacts their revenge??

Pretty much the textbook definition, yes.

Seriously? He tried to pick a fight with a guy piloting a few thousand pounds of metal?

This probably happened in heavy traffic, seeing as the guy caught up to him on a bike. Which means he couldn't catch him in the car even if he wanted to.

Seriously? The driver tried to pick a fight with a guy that can actually get off his ass to go somewhere?

CharresBarkrey 15

Sounds like he picked it and won it. So what's the issue here?

Im pretty sure the driver picked the fight and could have gotten the cyclist hurt.

SexySlayer1248 18

Sounds like you got off easy, if he fell and got hurt or worse got ran over and killed, you'd be facing more than a few disapproving FML comments

Like that woman in England who tweeted that she did hit and run on cyclist. Sad that too many people on earth are waste of perfectly good egg and sperm. OP deserves what he got!

2 days ago a man got 10 and a half years jail time here in the UK for killing a couple by knocking them off their tandem bike and his girlfriend got a year for lying about who was driving. I couldn't imagine having to live with that guilt.

You could have seriously injured him if he had crashed. You totally deserved that.