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Today, while at dinner with my current boyfriend, my ex walked in with his new girlfriend. The waiter put them at the table next to ours, and the two of them had a front row seat to me spilling an entire guacamole salad on my lap out of nervousness. FML
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walk it off, if your happy with your new boyfriend that's all that matters.

haha that sucks, next time don't be soo nervous!:)


haha that sucks, next time don't be soo nervous!:)

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5- Why did you basically quote #1 :S OP- Did you think your ex really cared? Just have a good night with your current bf and f*ck him.

what is the craziest color h have dyed yer hair?

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6: I love your picture!!! it's so cute! :) OP: You shouldn't have been so nervous. I mean if you had another boyfriend, you should have been over you ex. And when you see him in public, you just show you have someone better now.

responding ti number 22 . i got rainbow highlights. it took forever though

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OP- That sounds like something i would do... Not go on a date with a guy, if that's what people are thinking. -___- But I would be clumsy as hell if i were nervous.

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wow 1's mean she says message me unless your ugly

lol 60. does that mean she isn't allowed to message herself? XP

Why be nervous about the presence of an ex. Either you are friends and things should be ok, or you don't care and they are basically strangers. Well at least it was just a salad spill and not a verbal slip of the tongue in front of your ex. That would actually be an FML.

It sounds easy but you cant really control that sort of thing. I went to my first doubles tournament with my bf a few months ago and my ex bf from like 6 years ago (who I am still friends with, although we really only talk when we hang out with mutual friends) was playing in our group on another team. I played like crap because I was a little nervous about it. which sucked because A) I would have liked to play well for my bf, and B) I would have liked to show off a little in front of my ex

find a new place to go to and avoid confrontation

22, I've died my hair every color from like orange to bright red, I hvent died it yellow yet tho. haha an 60 I know I'm ugly

60 and dumb because he called you mean not ugly

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hey... she said she knows it anyway... lol.

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awww!:( just act like they arent there!

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Everyone knows we are having a guacamole shortage! She probably still had to eat it!

walk it off, if your happy with your new boyfriend that's all that matters.

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I agree she should've been proud of her current bf. Unless she doesn't really love him.

Little girl needs to open her mouth so the train can carry the guacamole in.

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Ydi op..for getting nervous around your ex who was a whole table away.Learn to only be nervous around yourself and you might just make it somewhere.

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Guacamole is disgusting, so YDI.

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People who like Guacamole...are...gross.

I grew up in a Spanish household, so naturally I hate any and all kinds of Mexican food.

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You are English. You /love/ Guacamole. Don't you dare lie.

Same. I hate Guacamole. Absolutely disgusting.

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Guacamole is delicious. I want some right now.

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Pendatik, filling your car with Guacamole, doesn't count either. You like to freeze it and lick it like a popcicle. Just admit it!

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Once you try the Guac, you never go back.

Don't hate, appreciate! Or I'll pop a guac in your mouth and make you a brain slushie!

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You're just trying to avoid getting the hose again.

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WTF?! guacamole is awesome! keep ur bland foods.

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Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I'll have Jane kick your ass! I think she will have my back. 65, how dare you talk back to me! Back you savage!

Oh no! I'm an avid lover of guacamole and avocado in general... :( (By which I mean that I love it, not that I make love to it. That's just odd.)

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*sits down with a huge bowl of popcorn, waiting for 'nerdsgetmehot' to get it on with her avocado*

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RPS, we finished like 20 minutes ago. Just missed it! You need to be more tuned into these here comments! You're missing all the action.

I'm Team Guac. You both get the hose. Wait, no-- pen would like that. Anna gets the hose, pen doesn't. And nerds, you're spoiling his fantasies AND his dinner. Mmm, guacamole with genuine Mexican Guacachips. Om nom nom. Don't care for other moles, though, especially the hairy kind.

I'm eating avocado right now! ...And no, that's not a euphemism. :O

I'll just be over here on my beanbag chair eating Thai food.

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no reason to be nervous he has moved on and I'd assume you have to but by your actions I'm probably wrong so you need to just get him out of your head

You shoulda just got drunk as a motha fucka!

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