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By a7xforever - 14/09/2010 08:31 - United Kingdom

Today, I got to my weekly drama group a bit late. Everyone looked surprised when I walked in. Casually, I sat down and apologised for being late. I thought everyone looked awkward, probably because it turned out I'd been kicked out of the group. The teacher had decided to announce it before making sure I'd got the email. FML
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I sure hope you made a dramtic exit out the door.

And the fact that you don't check your email in a timely manner is your teacher's fault how? On a side note, how bad must you suck to get kicked out of a drama club.


Now get back in the kitchen ;)

KingDingALing 9

OP- call your teacher a "raging homo" XD

Tasanasanta 0

The sexist jokes just aren't funny... ever. I've only ever heard 1 good sexist joke.

ladykat 0

What was it 18?


get back in the kitchen so all the manly men can get back to drama club? you're right that's wayyyyy to macho for a girl to handle.

hd9280 0

WTF is that?! lol. retarded.

LightningLadyy 0

18, you hypocrite.

beachbabe098 3

Your an asshole

It makes little, uneducated 14-year-old twirps feel powerful to say "Get back in the kitchen." Hurr hurr. You're so funny.

honestlove11 0

wowww. what a loser of a teacher. maybe you weren't very good in the group anyway :P

awhsum 0

yea, darn teacher :| btw #2 I love your necklace.! nevershoutnever right? :)

honestlove11 0

yeahhh buddy! :)

this isn't even an fml. I agree with 1

don't be late next time.

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did u read the fml? there wont be a next time.... duuuh

She was joking. Now stop making out with yourself and get outside.

Jessi2487 0

hey... im the only person tht enjoys making out with me... *sighs* ok ill stop :(

Is that why you've posted 14 fml's?

kenn stop being a bitch and fuck off

33 is cute :D

Jessi2487 0

yes... as a matter of fact it is. so wat. i get lonely lol sike

I sure hope you made a dramtic exit out the door.

M2M4Ever 0

I agree!

Girreth 7

Don't be such a "drama queen".

hd9280 0

lol. stupid. how'd they vote to place this on FML.... yea listen to #1.

Agree with #10 this fml sucks..

Anti666 17

Holy shit I didn't realize no more drama meant the end of the world.

Trollers are gonna troll