By Ohgreat - 17/10/2009 16:25 - United States

Today, I discovered I was at the same restaurant as my ex and his new girlfriend. Quickly, I picked up my mother's phone when she wasn't looking, and began to pretend to talk to a fake new boyfriend. Few seconds later, the waiter loudly asked me if I was done talking into the calculator. FML
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YDI idiot also, you don't have your own phone to pretend to talk to someone with? that makes me think you're, like, 12 or under which makes it less of a big deal


CopperPeony 4

There are a lot of these "I saw my ex in a restaurant" stories. If we've learned one thing it's this: it never ends well if you pretend to hold phone conversations.

liveBabylon 0

so agree...why was there a calculator with you at a resteraunt, are you that bad at math?

inconvienentgurl 0

they must have had the calculator to do the tip n all that. n wow u were jealous so u tried to make urself look good...hmm u kno there was an fml few days ago about the same thing. wat is w/ girls...if u rnt w/ the guy move on or just be urself. n wouldnt ur mother notice if u were talking "loudly into the calculator"?!?!?! duh! n wouldnt she have said something? wow n that was just sad to do that. if i were in ur place i would of just had a good time w/ my mom n let him do wat he wants. then again w/ me its his loss!

I would call this a moderator fail, we had a basically identical FML LAST WEEK!

cbearxo 0

Ohh geniuses... there is a calculator application on practically every cell phone. So... considering that it says "I picked up my mother's phone" I would say it's a safe bet that the story is implying that the waiter could probably see part of the screen and the calculator had probably accidentally been opened when she grabbed it. Otherwise the story would say "I picked up my mother's calculator..." Whether it's real or fake... use your brains when interpreting the story!

I doubt that. I'm guessing, in her haste to look cool, she grabbed what she thought was her mother's phone out of her mother's purse, and it turned out to be a calculator.

I love the fact that girls think this will work? You just look like a big ass ******* tool

dudeitsdanny 9

I'm sure it works on occasion. Just not with a calculator. Or when you forget to turn off the volume like the previous FML

No_fyl_cuz_ydi 0

so is having a fake boyfriend the cool new thing? I apparently missed that memo

if this isn't fake (i hope it is) YDI for being retarded

LemonadePink 0

What's up with doing that fake phone call thing? How about you just ignore them and leave it at that. Stupid.

YDI idiot also, you don't have your own phone to pretend to talk to someone with? that makes me think you're, like, 12 or under which makes it less of a big deal

Ha ha ha ha If this isn't fake I hope the new girlfriend and the ex overheard everything and have lots of laughs telling everyone about this. Still something about this just doesn't add up...har har... alright, that was corny... but I had to go there... it sounds fake.

dudeitsdanny 9

I wouldn't have gotten the "adding up" thing if you hadn't made it obvious. But maybe that's a mutual fail.

haha u kick ass, add up- that was truly amazing