By not a dumbass pothead - 08/04/2014 22:04 - United States - Sparks

Today, I went out drinking with my tattoo artist brother-in-law. I was so wasted that I agreed to let him try working on me. I woke up with a tattoo of an animated marijuana plant smoking a cigarette. This'll look just great when I'm defending clients in court. FML
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I think the big question is where is the tattoo located?

Well it's not on your face is it?! I surely hope not. Put on proper clothes to cover it and you'll be fine.


I think the big question is where is the tattoo located?

I'm going to guess either the neck, or hands. Still really hoping for a follow up though.

Your clients will probably feel you're more trustworthy because of your strange tattoo, which means you have more information to help defend them. Lawyers who are all clean and suited up with no personality are... You know how we feel about lawyers.

Instant connection when you visit your client at the jailhouse.

"Where is the tattoo", was my first question too. Hopefully the brother-in-law was at least thinking about placement when he was inking OP.

@42, He was drunk, and based on the choice of tattoo probably stoned, so I wouldn't bet on him thinking of that.

I hope it's not on his hand. That would make it difficult for him to point at people.

crazytwinsmom 25

This FML just begs to be illustrated.

I'm assuming he's an attorney of some sort so wearing a suit and tie doesn't leave much room for a visible tattoo unless it's in the worst place possible like face or neck.

If it's on his hands, he can always wear gloves. Black ones, or one, to look classy and a little creepy.

Well it's not on your face is it?! I surely hope not. Put on proper clothes to cover it and you'll be fine.

Lawyers in court are usually dressed properly.

are proper clothes supposed to cover your chest?

kewpiesuicide 29

I don't care how drunk you are, nobody with half a brain would agree to a face tattoo from someone equally as drunk. And hands are difficult to tattoo even sober so I'm guessing it's neither of those areas.

OP has got to follow up on this one! I'm itching to know where the mystery spot is and the story around it. OP be a generous god and deliver!

rogwest 23

You're a lawyer! so on the bright side at least your suit will cover it!!

Well, that depends on the tattoo's location. If it is on his hand, his suit can't cover that. But if it is on his arm, then the suit will cover it. Hopefully, it does cover it though.

There is make up specifically designed to cover tattoos. Maybe op should invest in some until the thing can get removed.

@43, my neighbor used to use that stuff. you could still his, just not as well.

What's unfortunate is that OP called himself "not a dumbass pothead", belittling Marijuana users when he himself is little more than a dumbass drunk.

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@62- And I suppose cancer patients, people in chronic pain, and people with severe depression deserve to be belittled too? Nah, none of that is unpleasant enough to warrant a mental vacation with medicinal properties that is slowly being steered toward legalization. Come on, now.

starcaller17 16

I think it's obvious #62 was talking about recreational drug users... Prescribed drugs are completely different

89- in case you missed it (which I think you did), I'll take a stab in the dark and guess 75 was talking about marijuana.

I don't think that OP used the word dumbass to belittle people who smoke weed. I think that he was referring to the fact that he looks like a pothead who was dumb enough to get a marijuana tattoo in a visible place.

Unless it's on your head, neck, or hands, you're fine. An idiot, but fine.

Well, do you mind having it removed? You may have to.

That would suck having to get it removed OP.!

Long sleeves-- Problem solved! (Hopefully it's not tattooed on your forehead.)

9, especially those that say "YOLO" in huge old-english letters

This is kind of thing is why I never let myself lose control when drinking.

If nothing else, alcohol is a blood thinner and you'll bleed more. It's one of many reasons why reputable tattoo artists won't work on drunk people.

I was wondering about that myself, what kind of reputable tattoo artist tattoos someone while they're drunk? Some brother-in-law.