By maddieex - 04/12/2014 02:49 - United States - Chicago

Today, my boyfriend brought me to a restaurant on a surprise date. I guess he didn't know that my ex-boyfriend now works there, and that he would be our waiter for the evening. FML
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SharnaaaBanana 22

Oh dear I hope your ex doesn't think you planned this out of revenge :S

I'm curious as to how you handled the tip :/


SharnaaaBanana 22

Oh dear I hope your ex doesn't think you planned this out of revenge :S

"Today my ex came with her new boyfriend to the restaurant where I serve. They reported me to my manager for apparently spitting in their food and left without tipping me. I might get fired. FML"

Yeah he most likely DOESENT know that your ex works there unless your just insinuating that you Bg is a jerk

#44 I remember that fml it is very similar to this one

I feel bad for your boyfriend, he probably feels really bad :c

I'm curious as to how you handled the tip :/

Just the tip?

What about the shaft?

Dang. You went there.

Hopefully you ended on a good note with your ex, if not I would be a bit concerned about your food from the time span that he has with it.

you should check your food for spit....

Yeah, he totally spat in their food.

Pretty sure he spat in one, if not both, of your plates.

It sucks to see your ex again and have him as your waiter, but it has its advantages. You can let him work his ass off for you two 3:)

Ass, hmm I wonder what we could find there as some seasoning for he food.

is anybody else thinking of the movie "Waiting"?

I'm not sure how much of an effect this might have, but how long ago did you two break up and how long have you been dating your current boyfriend?

It honestly shouldn't matter unless you're on bad terms or still have feelings for him

Exactly what I was thinking unless there is a complicated history I don't see a problem. Hell I get along with my exes and so does my gf :/ as long as there was no malice from the bf or ex the only one who seems to have a problem is the op. But then again we don't know the whole story.

In point of fact most humans are selfish and acts of supposed good will is only done to benefit them. It may seem cynical but as it is said in the poemTerence this is stupid stuff " Luck’s a chance, but trouble’s sure, I’d face it as a wise man would, And train for ill and not for good."

How would he know that?