By d / Friday 26 March 2010 07:31 / United States
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  TempestJones  |  0

Why is it a fml!? She was pretty much dumping him anyway... OP quit whining...

What is up with the flood of recent fml's about people feeling hurt that their partners didn't cry when they break up with them!?

  boopityboppity  |  10

She obviously has realised that her "boyfriend" is only staying around her for sex. She probably would have liked him to say, "But I like spending time with you!"
Admittedly, this probably wouldn't happen, but I'll bet she was expecting an, "Okay."

  TempestJones  |  0

Or she's being a whiney twat. He probably wasn't thinking financially at all and was just striking out at her because he was hurt she was dumping him. And either way she has no right to be upset just because he didn't cry in front of her... These people and feeling sorry for themselves because they didn't emotionally break they're significant others sicken me...

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