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Today, when I was trying to break up with my boyfriend, I told him how I needed space and time to think. His response was, "Ok, we're out of condoms anyway." FML
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Did you want tears and for him to beg you not to break up with him??!! Be glad that's all he said!!!

good answer on his part


squirell_AIDS69 0

haha what a douche

denbeste 3

Douche? for thinking finacial? WTF?

Sounds like a sticky situation

No. That means so he'll go buy some and give her space.

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I agree #1.

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dude that guy has like the most epic comeback ever

noobgang7 5

Your reply, "Condoms, why? You were always done before you got it on anyways."

pirace 0

haha I love it, and, " the office." what a great show.

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#10 winnnn :)

haha that soundss like somethingg i would say =) ....and 10 FTW!! only u 4got 2 put on your dark sunglasses before u said that

I lost my darkglasses, now i just get 3D glasses and pop out the lenses. Kickin it old-school.

was he being a douche or being smart?

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! sry for no caps, I'm on iPod touch

3D glasses are for douche bags and scene kids who think they're cool and original. When in reality, they are neither. @OP, wow, what a dick ):

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your boyfriend wins

that's really stupid. fyl op. I'm sorry!

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Why is it a fml!? She was pretty much dumping him anyway... OP quit whining... What is up with the flood of recent fml's about people feeling hurt that their partners didn't cry when they break up with them!?

this is why girls turn gay xD

I agree, isn't that want they want, a nice easy breakup?

wow what an a-hole

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number3 ur gorgeous

no she is ugly

things12345 14

3- if that was the case, they wouldn't need condoms!

good answer on his part

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Exactly. What were you thinking would happen OP? You don't live in a Taylor Swift video.

Exactly. he could've gotten emotional or violent. or made a scene. He did you a favor, OP!! you shouldn't care if you dumped him anyway?

you did the right thing!

Did you want tears and for him to beg you not to break up with him??!! Be glad that's all he said!!!

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Exactly. OP, what did you want him to say? Excuse him for thinking financially.

She obviously has realised that her "boyfriend" is only staying around her for sex. She probably would have liked him to say, "But I like spending time with you!" Admittedly, this probably wouldn't happen, but I'll bet she was expecting an, "Okay."

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Or she's being a whiney twat. He probably wasn't thinking financially at all and was just striking out at her because he was hurt she was dumping him. And either way she has no right to be upset just because he didn't cry in front of her... These people and feeling sorry for themselves because they didn't emotionally break they're significant others sicken me...

True, that's a possibility. I try not to assume the worst, though, so I'll just refrain from judgement.

completely agree

boyfirens ate cool

boyfireins? they on fire?

They were, fisheatsbear. That's why they had to eat cool, so they could stop the heat.

*clutches head* My brain, Mercy, my brain!

There're a lot of them there, 61. Are you talking about the original one, or one of the replies?

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#36 FTW op-and you wanted him to start crying and pass out or what?

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I like your boyfriend and the way he thinks. may I nominate him for a Nobel peace? or how about Douchebag of the Year? either one is acceptable, really.

In this case it might be more of a Piece Prize.

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douche bagg.