By PinkMonkeys - 23/11/2016 18:33

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me by sending me flowers that said, "I just need some space, forever. I hope I never see you again, even if you were a great person. It's not you it's me." FML
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Sounds like it is him. He seems like an asshole

He's a twat. It's definitely him.


Glad you found out he's an asshole early on. If he can't even talk face to face, what does that say about him?

Sounds like it is him. He seems like an asshole

He's a twat. It's definitely him.

this is the one time when that line is correct. it's not you OP. it is him

I'm not going to judge the boyfriend because we only know her side of the story. She could have been an abusive bitch. Or maybe the boyfriend is just an ass like it seems...

I completely agree. Need more info on what the relationship was like before taking sides.

Completely true. But even then, he could've talked to her in person. I did it when breaking up with my abusive ex, even though it was difficult as ****.

Imo, the letter kinda points to him being an ass. He himself says OP was a great person and that he was the problem (not her). So based on his own words, plus that he paid for expensive flower delivery (feeling guilty?) it seems unlikely she was abusive, and more he's just too cowardly to break-up in person. I guess there's a possibility it was written sarcastically and that he spent all that money to...cause her to be disappointed??? But that just seems way less probable.

She could have reworded it

Perhaps, but the quotations seem to imply it was word-for-word, rather than heavily editted paraphrasing. In any case, I felt it was likely enough to vote FML rather than YDI, but I suppose there's always other possibilities.

Wow nobody needs a loser, like that, in their life!! You're defiantly better off without him OP..

You don't need someone with such poor logic. If it's him and not you, why would he question whether you were a great person? If he's going to pull the "it's not you, it's me" bullshit, then he should have admitted you're a great person.

That sounds like a good dude

I'm sorry that happened to you, I hope you find someone better in the future!