By eebie jeebies - 30/05/2016 15:31 - United States - Cypress

Today, a spider crawled across my arm. After a quick dance in a fit of panic, I managed to scramble onto my bed. I thought I would stand up to see if I could spot the spider and maybe kill it. I was then promptly knocked unconscious by my ceiling fan. FML
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Ceiling fans are aggressive creatures.

I guess now would be the time to burn your house down, move to another state, and change your name before that spider shows up again

I feel bad for the poor spider. It's going to be tough finding a tattooist willing to ink tiny teardrops under four of its eight eyes.

I was alluding to the tear drop tattoos that some people get under their eye when they kill someone.

Oh, that was actually very clever, haha

We were not a species made to last..

I think the spider won the round...

I bet the spider was crawling all over you while you were out, probably doing a victory dance.

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You knocked the spider off your arm & then jumped on your bed. I'm assuming that means the spider is on the floor now (or maybe other furniture). How does standing up on a raised surface help you spot a spider on the floor better than sitting on your & looking more closely? Unless you needed to see over other furniture?

That was just the scout, there are plenty more waiting that you haven't seen.