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  Reyo  |  2

I have such an irrational fear of that happening when I'm driving behind a towtruck. Every time I'm driving behind one, I keep thinking "What if the car rolls off and hits me? OHF*KOHF*KOHF*K!"

  MaddogTotten  |  0

you wont have to sue, the towing company will gladly buy you a comparable car to replace yours. That's why people have insurance. If he gets fired over it don't worry, that just means he has done it before and deserves to be let go.

By  Mx_Rider  |  6

i knewww i should have put more when i was first to comment.

op when u saw that happen you shoulda grabbed his head and slammed it against the steering wheel,sock him a few times on the side of the head,say some bad stuff,then spit on his face and curb stomp him like america history X

FTW yayyy :D

  MaddogTotten  |  0

You should have edited your reply after seeing you were first. Anyone who doesn't take advantage of being first fails.

To the OP, whatever the reason you were getting your car towed... it doesn't matter, the tow truck driver just awarded you a new one. Don't feel bad for him though, it will just be an insurance claim. It was his fault for not securing your vehicle. Also, as a commercial driver, tow truck drivers rate just ahead of dump truck drivers on the low end of the totem pole, so never feel bad for them.