By whatisthisidonteven - 23/09/2012 09:23 - Israel - Ramat Gan

Today, I was scheduled for an interview at a local firm owned by two partners. The secretary told me to be there at around 12:00 to 12:30 pm, so I arrived at 12:15. The first boss told me off for being early, the other one yelled at me for being late. FML
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Sounds like a delightful work environment. They're bitching at you even before you're on the payroll.


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How dare you be..... oh, there's no more options :(

21- technically OP was on time, considering she was in the middle of both times...

I wonder if they hired anyone if they kept doing that

I had a manager that threatened to fire anyone even a minute early, then scheduled me for an opening shift and yelled at me for being on time because I should have been there 30 minutes early

their problem if they do't want someone like you...

do't... So is that a new word for "do it"? Nike: just do't "Hey baby let's do't"

perdix 29

Sounds like a delightful work environment. They're bitching at you even before you're on the payroll.

OP's name would've been my reaction, too.

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I'm sure OP wouldn't want to put herself in that position; being bitched at for being early.

Well at least you won't have to deal with that headache daily, dodged a bullet!

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You have to just suck it up if you want the job.

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Btw, the people that thumbed me down have obviously never had contact with the working world. Sometimes there are no other job options, and you need to work with what you get.

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What kind of person tells you off for being early? It's good to show up early for an interview or for work

You can be too early as well. As someone who Interviews and hires people anyone being more than 15-20 minutes early is just as bad as being late. Following instructions and arriving when asked is essential for most jobs, if you get to your interview more than 15 minutes early wait somewhere nearby. Also if you're an hourly employee arriving early for scheduled shifts is not only a nuisance but against most company policies.

40 is right. They give you an interview time because they have other things going on that they have to take care of before you come in. If you're more than 10 to 15 minutes early, you're making them drop what they're doing to do your interview, or you're interrupting another interview. Either way, it's annoying.

I would have walked away. No need to take someones bullshit. Imagine what it would be like if you got hired and did work for them.

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You need to ass rape the secretary for being a dumb ****! When you cum deep in her colon you should make her eat it!

Sounds like that place could be the inspiration for a good sitcom.

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Why would they even give you two times or tell you to be there "around" a certain time? Most places just say "Be here at this time." That's what makes sense... Maybe it was a test?