By ozzy - 06/11/2016 09:18 - United States - Campbell

Today, was trying to have an adult conversation with my fiancée but she's always on her phone, so I sent her a text message instead. Relationship goals. FML
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*rereads beginning of FML* Wait, OP, why was Today chatting up YOUR fiancée?!

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Did you include a ❤️ emoji?

*rereads beginning of FML* Wait, OP, why was Today chatting up YOUR fiancée?!

Did you try talking to her first and she was just on her phone, or did you decide that because she's on her phone you'd be passive-aggressive and send her a text instead?

His use of the phrase 'trying' to talk implies the text was not his first move

been there, done that.. welcome to the 21st century...

Try to make her see a day without technology and how valueable your relationship is

Just got out of a five and a half year marriage where my ex-wife was just like this. Even to the point where our children don't even attempt to ask her for anything or even to try and talk to her anymore. She was like that from the beginning and it was always an issue for me. If it's something she will not stop or even attempt to break the habit, don't get married and start a family with someone that you have to fight with technology just to talk to.

I tried to do the "day without technology" and made other attempts to get her to see how much she was on her phone and it would always start a week-long (at the least a week) fight every time.

I'd say call it off man, she's trash if she can't even have an adult conversation, it will only be worse once you get hitched. FTB

Did you propose to her via text as well?