By suckstobeme - 12/04/2009 21:41 - United States

Today, as I got down on one knee, and was in the middle of saying, "Will you marry me?" my partner answered a text message. Apparently it was more important. FML
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maybe you should have texted her instead

I really hope you didn't try to propose again.


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ouch, well what was her answer?

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Are you dumb? Why continue with a marriage when she was rude and answered a text instead.

I really hope you didn't try to propose again.

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I'm wondering the same thing as #4. I hope you didn't propose again. She doesn't seem to be worth it.

what did she say after she sent the text message?

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Hopefully you didn't bother finishing that question...

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I came in here to say what #8 said. Do yourself a favor, don't try a second time. She was either giving you a hint or she doesn't respect you.

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If that's how she treats you while you are asking her to marry you then how do you think you will be treated when you are married? Maybe you just got a glimpse of your future.