By Z - 06/11/2016 23:33 - United States - Cedar Rapids

Today, at work, I had to explain to a customer that she can't connect her tablet to her home WiFi while she's at work. I went to MIT for this. FML
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Wolowitz? If you went to MIT, you should be able to hack into her home WiFi from anywhere.

Apparently Sheldon was right. Engineers aren't real scientists.


Don't worry OP, it will pay off in long term!

Wolowitz? If you went to MIT, you should be able to hack into her home WiFi from anywhere.

That's not how any of it can hack a network but that doesn't give someone access to their own Wifi. Bottom line here is you can't fix stupid OR ignorant, just explain how things really work!

You're the ignorant ass here. It is totally doable. For instance, he could have sold her a bunch of repeaters which she could have placed between her home and work. It would be expensive, impractical and insecure, but the customer's always right.

Or you could explain to them how to set up a VPN to their machine at home, and then connect to a local network and proxy to home.

While you are at it you could advise her not to goolge the word google, else she could break the internet.

Apparently Sheldon was right. Engineers aren't real scientists.

That's right though, Engineers are not scientists. They are Engineers. They are the one who actually put the theories the scientists come up with into work. Without the Engineers, science would have been just another expensive hobby. :D

Don't be offended. I'm a Software Engineer myself. I'm just quoting

I am not offended though, it's just my thought :) Engineering is practical science where Scientists do the discovery part. I personally find being a scientist is the coolest job, though every one has their own significance!

"Engineers are not scientists" "Engineering is practical science" ._.

I define engineering as "applying science to solve practical problems." Science and engineering are symbiotic. If science ended tomorrow, engineering would slog on for decades and grind to a halt. If engineering ended tomorrow, interest in science would plummet much more rapidly.

Ah, but if she moves really really close to her workplace, she CAN connect to her WiFi!

MIT and still working retail... good luck...

McDonalds Institute for Technology? I can't believe you went to THE MIT and are working at BestBuy..

"Ma'am, did you remember to put the router in the car with you? Surely it'd work then."

Barney Stinson went to MIT: Magicians Institute of Teaneck. He even got a perfect score on his ACTs! (Advanced Card Tricks).

Not her wifi, but could totally access her home network with a number of affordable options.