By Jakeok - 14/11/2014 00:04 - United States - Fraser

Today, I once again used my phone to get out of a conversation with someone, instead of actually talking to someone on it. FML
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silvermoon5033 26

Its okay to be a little anti social..


silvermoon5033 26

Its okay to be a little anti social..

silvermoon5033 26

But always resorting to pretending you have a call can not be. If you can talk it out with the person that is annoying you/you don't like/ or whatever it can be better and you may find that you like that way better. Best of luck :) sorry the last one wasnt a finished comment it got sent before i realized

if they annoy you/you hate them, why would you want to keep talking to them?

everyone gets butterflies... but sometimes you have to digest those fluttery ***** and say hi back

Just don't be the weird Rob Low that doesn't have DirecTV

Maybe thats why noone actually rings you?

jazmin3012 28

It's okay OP we all have those awkward situations

thats kinda sad if you ask me :/ but understandable if you are in an awkward situation

Assuming you have anxiety, that sucks sorry op. Maybe start with family if you want to chat?

jazmin3012 28

It probably made him feel extremely uncomfortable and he needed a way out

Kyle1dc 17

I'll be sure to call you a cab.

woah there! make sure you dial it down a bit before you end up roaming too far with the puns.

It's ok OP, I think we all did this once or twice.... sometimes you're just not in the mood to talk to people.

I think nearly everyone does this sometimes, whether it's pretending to make a phone call or pretending to text. Hardly FML worthy.

Plot twist: I was said person op was talking to :(

Was this suposed to be funny? Because I really don't get it.

Finally, another way to use the phone aside from keeping busy while we use the bathroom!