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Today, I was lecturing my high school students on the importance of a good education. I pointed out the janitor in the hall and told them if they didn't stay in school, they'd end up like him. Then one of my students raised her hand and reminded me that the janitor I pointed to was her dad. FML
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Ydi. A lot of people end up with jobs like that because they can't get anything better and at least they have a job.

Serves you right, OP. Why would you even say that? At least he ha s a job, you're not better than him or anyone else who does "dirty work".


Why on earth did you point to somebody? it's not nice to give examples using people who we don't know their circumctances.

Abdul, please don't reply to comments if you're not going to reply to them...

#44, you're right, I apologize. I agree that's not nice at all, maybe the girl is hurt for what is said about her father.

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Really ****** up OP just because you have a better job doesn't mean you can be a insensitive asshole!

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I agree with 1.. That's a shit go, assuming the janitor never tried to escalate in life career wise... Shit happens in people's lives that they can't help and are forced into positions to put food on the table. Ydi op and you owe that your student and her father a massive apology

You said it dathan. I've met some awesome janitors in my life. Why on earth would you make fun of them? They probably work harder than you do every day.

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Maybe OP should just work in a shitty, run down classroom, or be the one who has to clean up after 100's of kids AND teachers.

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It seems that being a condescending, self righteous prat is quickly becoming a requirement of being a teacher. Op is likely just choked that she has tens of thousands in college debt while he picked a career and is raising a family without it. Custodian jobs at schools fill quickly here, they pay well and are a guaranteed career, schools rarely close.

There's no excuse for using a hard-working person as an example of what not to be, but I do appreciate that OP is encouraging kids to be educated and aspire for great things. Really poor way to phrase it, though.

What OP should have said next is 'And did your dad work hard in school?' if the answer was 'no' then OP is justified :)

Yeah because one person really sets the standard for the thousands of other people who do the same job.

I think the op is obviously oblivious as to just what goes into the custodial arts. This guy breaks his balls everyday cleaning up after op and her students. When have you ever worked that hard op?

OP I'm not sure how I feel about you, on one hand, you want your students to succeed academically. On the other hand, you did it by putting a hard working person down. Why don't you try using criminals as examples, losers that don't contribute anything to society but suck up our tax dollars. Janitors pay their taxes, clean up nasty toilets, vomit, piss on walls etc etc. Ok after this rant I now know how I feel about you.

Also, what would happen without those examples of "what not to be"? Everyone would have to clean up their own messes, and the whole workplace environment would most likely collapse. I enjoy talking to the janitors at my work more than I enjoy talking to some of my coworkers. How dare you put someone down for the job they do, unless you've done it yourself? Bad call, and I'm gkad you got called out on it.

137 - I had an English teacher that condescended to anyone who didn't have an education. I told her sometimes you have no choice but to drop out. For instance, my grandmother dropped out at 5th grade. She had to help her family out her mother was aging at the time and she needed all the help she could get. And yet my English teacher said "she dosnt have an education, she wouldn't survive the real world" my grandmother kept a family of 16 alive from her cooking and cleaning.

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Excuse me TheDrifter, but your comment about how being a "condescending, self righteous prat" is becoming a requirement for teachers these days is just wrong. I don't know the kinds of teachers you are around, but don't lump good teachers like my friends and I with them. OP obviously made a poor decision in his lesson plan that I don't agree with, but don't try to label any teacher mistakes as them just being a prat.

Ydi. A lot of people end up with jobs like that because they can't get anything better and at least they have a job.

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And also, for society to function, all jobs need to be done. So OP needs to get off her high horse and stop thinking she is better than the garbage man, ice cream truck driver, ect. And realize were all just humans trying to make a living

The most ironic part of this whole FML is that most janitors in a high school make more than the teachers. Karma may have already caught up with OP on this one.

Yeah my dad was a janitor for a number of years, but he was/is a certified electrician it's just that there are no jobs for electricians so YDI.

The problem now days, is it doesn't matter your level of education, everyone needs a job and there aren't enough to do. And budget cuts will push people out for not having seniority (hard to get when you get cut..). I had two of my favorite history teachers cut in highschool because they didnt have seniority over some grumpy ass hole old men.

If you didn't have that guy doin the dirty jobs nobody could to the white collar desk jockey jobs. You ought a be thanking that man for sweeping moppin Fixin lights etc etc.

And Mike Rowe wouldnt have a TV show!

Yeah my dad works as a janitor for my school. He makes over $20.00 an hour and gets a lot of overtime for $30.00 an hour because he works for the city. Don't be so rude and criticize peoples jobs especially in the presence of younger people. That's also being a bad role model. YDI

I talk to custodians as human beings and attempt to show my appreciation for their work. Custodians are awesome sauce on a stick. And it is just one of the many jobs that helps the machines of society function. YDI it for being an elitist prat. The next time you walk into a clean room of your school, you better remember why that is!

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A job is a job no matter how big or small.YDI op.

Garbage men make 2x what teachers make

Not only does it matter that at least the dad has a job but, just maybe, he's actually happy doing it. My boyfriend was approached to be a model. He lasted 3 days before he walked off of a set because he couldn't stand it and he was miserable. He's been a maintenance man at a hotel for over 4 years now and he loves it. He's aware he could have made a ton more money being a model but he chose happiness over money. That's a rare trait, especially in this economy.

and i bet your dad does a better job of keeping the facilities clean that this lamebrain (OP) does trying to teach students. ps: Go Braves.

Serves you right, OP. Why would you even say that? At least he ha s a job, you're not better than him or anyone else who does "dirty work".

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How's the weather up on your high horse, OP?

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Janitors make as much if not more money than the teachers do. There is more demand for them. Only schools need teachers, but every business needs a janitor. I know a lady that makes $2000 a week cleaning people's houses. How much does a teacher make again?

My father is the perfect real life example of "slumdog millionaire" movie character, and yes he might lack knowledge that book provides, but he has the life long wisdom that, in my opinion, you will never have, life is not perfect for everyone to achieve an education, but humanity and respect can be earned and taught by everyone, and you sir, being a teacher, failed.

Sorry to break it to you OP but janitors are as important as teachers in society. If it wasn't for them you would be teaching in a dump. So YDI!

OP, you're making fun of a janitor when you're just a high school teacher? You're not even anything special and are easily replaced, like him. For all you know, he could have formerly been an airplane pilot and became blind in one eye or some shit due to unknown disease. Yeah, that shit really happens in the world; I would know because that's exactly what happened to my uncle.

Using others as an example like that is just wrong, at least he's working! Ass.

plus it's unprofessional to belittle coworkers.

Ah yes but to OP the janitor isn't a co-worker. More like a sub-worker.

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You have quite an exquisite cupboard of vocabulary, of I do say so myself.

*if. Sorry, I'm not a grammar Nazi, the only reason I'm doing this is because of your picture.

#5 I like it. In the future I will use this (not before quoting you of course) against those that enjoy the smell of their own farts.

There could be a possibility that the janitor is well educated. There are people out there who under achieve and are happy.

OP, don't say things like that. My dad has worked as a custodian but now he owns his own cleaning business, and he makes more than the average teacher does. Also, the way you talked about the janitor makes it seem like you don't know him very well. For all you know, he could be perfectly satisfied with his career.

Hugh Akston. John Galt. Francisco d'Anconia.

I don't see custodian work as an underachieving practice; it provides a necessary service to society. There are other jobs which involve frivolous services but this isn't one of them.

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Depends...teachers in Iowa make 69-70k

Oh good. For a second there I thought that I was the only one who could smell it.

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Agreed! More of a dumb ass, asshole though!

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Janitors usually work their asses off to help the school, and in order to provide for their families. Clearly they have a sense of work ethic and don't resort to criticizing the jobs of others when making a point. Big, fat YDI.

My friend is a janitor and he insults our other friend for working at the zoo. I know you're speaking in general, but not all people in low income jobs are humble and down to earth.

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Yeah, sorry for the generalization.

That's horrific. Some of the kindest people I've ever met have been janitors -- and they did it because the job was available and paid their bills, not because they were stupid. Somebody has to clean up, or to collect waste, or to cook fries at McDonalds. It doesn't mean they're stupid because they're filling those roles, it just means that they have a job.

I agree that somebody needs to clean, but we'd probably manage without Macdonalds fries.

Seriously? Just because you don't like something, doesn't make it wrong. Bashing on the fries is just as bad as OP picking on the janitor. Those fries help to put a lot of people through college

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I didn't think he was bashing the people making the fries, just the need for the fries themselves.

People wouldn't be making the fries if there wasn't a need. And before anyone gets all self righteous about how no one "needs" fast food, there are a lot of things on the menu in those places that are way cheaper than things that can be made at home, and with the current economic state there are certain people that eat there or don't eat at all some days.

207: I see your point but it's actually cheaper to buy a bag of pasta and a couple of cheap jars of sauce than it is to buy a value meal at Maccies. Or at least it is over here. I realise that may not be the case where you live. But still, there will always be SOME food that is cheaper than fast food. It's just that people in some societies aren't satisfied with plain food.

Woah, that remark wasn't intended to be as serious as you guys took it. Trust me, I like the fries. What I meant was that we would definitely live, and probably be better off without them. Think of our poor bodies! Cheaper than home cooked? Really? Holy balls, I have no idea where you live, but where I am, as a student with very little money, I rarely buy Macdonalds. My wallet could not handle it if that was all I ate. Also, people make a lot of things that we don't need. Ornamental cats, vodka, nail polish, hair straighteners, high heels, Christmas hats, Mario and luigi costumes, and pretty much absolutely everything else in my bedroom. They're just luxuries, same as Macdonalds fries. Eat some rice or pasta, as said above, if you're that poor. It'll probably be better for you in the long run.

This world is full of people who think they can only be happy with $100k per annum jobs. Women & men are having heart attacks younger and younger. Such a stressful life! It doesn't have to be that way. Some of the happiest people I know have really simple lives with little or no stress.