By Mitchellbassists - 17/04/2015 15:27 - United States - Dayton

Today, while mowing my backyard, I carelessly ran over a fire ant hill. Thousands of tiny stinging insects blowing towards you while you're wearing shorts and a t-shirt is definitely not fun. FML
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Hopefully they avoid your intimate bits and you don't do a strip tease in front of young children.

Ugh I hate ants. Tiny creatures from hell D:


Ugh I hate ants. Tiny creatures from hell D:

friedpwnadge 25

You should insect the yard next time in case you run over another.

Idk about you but in my country them fire ants are the biggest ones around.

They're the big ones in the U.S. too.

We have bigger ones in Belgium.. They fly :/

I once lived in Singapore for a 2 years. I've never once met a fire-ant.

please tell me im not the only one seeing "you;re"

The ants are marching one by one.. More like one hundred by one hundred. Sorry, OP!

JustinJK 21

Always check for yellow jacket nests and ant hills. Our landscaping company ticked off a yellow jacket nest and the three guys got stung a bunch. Although it was pretty funny to watch.

i feel bad for the yellow jackets they were just resting than the god damn landscaping company comes and ***** everything up.

SkyGuy32 17

Ouch, that stings. I guess just be more careful and try your best to take your time and not to get too antsy in the future.

Why the **** is the mower blowing all that TOWARDS you? Do you get covered in grass every time you mow the lawn? I call bullshit on this one.