By bitch - 04/08/2010 01:19 - United States

Today, my car broke down. I had a two mile, up-hill walk ahead of me. About half way up the hill, a car beeped. Thinking they were poking fun at my misfortune, I began to curse and use obscene gestures, only to find out that it was my neighbor asking if I needed a ride. She drove off. FML
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What a nice assumption you made there.

Wow. Even Mr. Rogers wouldn't want you as a neighbor now.


What a nice assumption you made there.

Why would you do that? Are you idiotic, how were you sure they were even honking at you?

I'm not an idiot and I didn't do that. :(

The person wasn't talking about you, she was talking about the OP.

2 mile walk ain't bad at all, less QQ more pewpew, grow some balls and don't assume cause it makes an ass out of u and me

Slap me with a piece of ham.

Aha, ok. x)

My car never broke down. You're crazy.

YDI for having a gay car

My car is very heterosexual.

ydi for not spilling period blood on the road

Ydi for saying beeped not honked :/

lmao @ freeze you're hilarious

Does not pay to be an asshole.

lmao!! I wouldn't driven off too. ydi

YDI. There's actually nice people out there.

YDI for having your car break down

ydi for being not very smart

19- I'll slap you with a piece of turkey breast. Ham is too good to be slapped with.

wow, did your brain get stuck on that hill also?! retard..

47 - Your mom slaps me with her breasts. :D

I think the reason freeze is replying to the insults and comments is because they are under his comment.

Oh suck it up, when I was a lad I walked 6 miles uphill to school and then walked 6 miles uphill back home! We skied up one side of the mountain, and then up the other side!

ydi OP for being a retarded asshole

ydi. what if they were honking cuz they thought u were attractive? nice going ding-dong! now u have a neighbor that hates u.

Props to you for taking irrelevant replies literally.

don't be such a sour-puss

Wow, dumb thing to do.

Most people turn around and look to see who the person is before reacting. YDI.

you are so smart.

Wow. Even Mr. Rogers wouldn't want you as a neighbor now.

you donkey donk

Your name suits you fine.

you know what happens when you Assume?! ya I doubt I need to continue on with the cheesy punchline. but seriously, keep it in mind next time :D

lol good job, ydi for not looking over first..