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Today, I drove to buy new sneakers to work out and lose weight. Coming out of the store, I saw someone had parked too close to me. I had to beg a stranger to back my car out for me, because no matter how I tried, I couldn't get into the driver's seat. FML
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lol it happens to skinny people too just have to climb in the other door

that's actually.. horrible. ):


that's actually.. horrible. ):

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I love your kitty!

That pussy is ugly.. BTW Winnipeg owns Vancouvervin every single way.

Actually, something simallar happened to me. I was really overweight, and I couldn't get past the chair my grandmum was sitting in. :(

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Observing a picture that is there for the world to see is creeping? Hmmmmmm, yeah okay.

soysauce1208 18

how did you get in your car on the way to the store?!

67- Two easy steps. Open door. Get inside.

And guys, stop discriminating 1's picture. Its quite a clever pun :D

My humorous side agrees that 1 has a witty picture. My guy side positively hates that book...

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the person parked their the car after he/she did. the car wasn't there before they went to work out.

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#26 creeper? comes from the username donkey cock eh?

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That will motivate you more to lose weight.

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Everything's bigger I'm Texas! but seriously, lose some weight. or, here's an Idea..... passenger door? that's why I call fake.

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awww. poor you.

lol it happens to skinny people too just have to climb in the other door

personally I like to roll the driver side window down from the passenger side then climb up the assholes car that parked that close and jump into my driver side dukes of hazard style while making sure I leave proof on their hood I was there

violetsweety 26

i was gonna say wouldnt she usethe other door and scoot in that way

Ali_Br_fml 33

ikr, I was thinking the same thing. other door!!! If the other side was too close too, that part was your fault, & you did the same thing to another driver. (I am not going to capitalize b/c autocorrect doesn't fix it, & I'm too lazy to correct it myself)

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Maybe she's so fat that she couldn't roll across to the drivers seat?

guys maybe both sides were too close. maybe the sides were empty when she parked and while she was out two people parked too close. it happens often to me. i cab squeeze through but cant open the door enough lmao. but yeah just cause she other side was too close too, doesnt mean it was her fault.

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#25 Didnt the explaination take longer than just capitalizing? You're a smart one!

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Whoever corrects you because you didn't capitalize, has no life.

yup. its always fun to climb across... or from the way back of the suburban when neither side is able to be opened

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maybe you should of went through the trunk? ^^

Maybe you should learn the word "have" and better grammar?

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wow... @#7

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everything is bigger in Texas

hehe yup >=D

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Damn. #7 that comment was unnecessary.

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10 and 27- You MUST be new...

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How rude! Consequences for stuck up, snobby bitches-Being alone because you're heartless.

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aw that sucks. at least your tryying to lose weight.

Haha could u imagine if the stranger just drove away and stole your car? Then maybe you could put those sneakers to good use and run after them.

oops read the fml wrong...oh well, I still think YDI.

WTF! I posted this on the other fml. god dammit. ignore second comment.

even more motivation to hit the gym. yay.

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I really don't get why she couldn't get in the passengers side. She'd have to be at some kind of epic level of fatassery.

natas_fml 13

What does your scouter read?

RedPillSucks 31

She might not have been able to get over the console separating the passenger and driver side, especially if the shifter is on the floor.

I've had to get across the center console in my car a few times, wearing full uniform and winter gear. Considering that I'm a guy too. If she cant get across she should be in the hospital, not at the store.

[email protected] "fastassery. New word, huh?