By Anna Lete - 12/07/2017 21:31

Today, my apartment was flooded due to a broken pipe, which caused a huge family of cockroaches to disperse. Did you know they can fly? FML
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I find that the wings give it away.

the only solution is to burn the place to the ground


the only solution is to burn the place to the ground

gobiteme2 34

Fly, fly away

I find that the wings give it away.

Penguins have wings. They can't fly.

They were wings a long long time ago. Now they are flippers. Thank you for playing though.

Well played, sir.

CrazyTrainWreck 19

Well what do you expect from the creatures that will be the only living thing after a nuclear apocalypse.

This is one of my (many) nightmares.

AnthonyCS5 19

FLY, My Pretties, FLY!!!!!

8313girl 28

My phone won't show where you live but I assume you must live up north. Down south we call those Tree roaches. And yes I'm more scared of them then snakes.

In my part of Texas we call them waterbugs. I'm pretty sure they can sense fear.

I live in North Carolina, and we call them palmetto bugs, to "honor" our neighbors to the south.

No, actually, I didn't know they could fly, even though they have wings... now I hate them even more! Ugh!

"Yes officer, I set fire to my building.... They were flying... like the monkeys from the evil queen!!"

The monkeys are with the wicked witch of the west

I think the most effective plan would be a flamethrower.