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By  DrDoofenshmirtz  |  0

Waiter: ... *farts*

Boyfriend: WHY DID YOU DO THAT, (Girlfriend's name)


Boyfriend: DON'T BLAME THE WAITER! That's it, this date is over. *leaves*

Waiter: ... sucker.

  MrSassypants  |  32

It would be funny if it was a person at another table that farted, and the waiter thought it was OP's date. Then everyone would think it's wach other. Like rock, paper, scissors.

By  gusgus36  |  5

she ought to give you benefit of the doubt and believe you. and even if she's convinced it was you, unless she's really shallow it wouldn't be enough reason to not go out on a second date

By  mouxouxou  |  11

He was standing next to u when he farted?? :| The waiter actually farted you??? OMG that is FML.However if your date thinks it was you,u can tell her/him the truth and if she/he doesn't believe you,whatever what else can u do?The tragedy is the fart.

By  kittydidit  |  0

Hahaha - it sucks that the waiter farted but it's not that big a deal that he thought it was you. Just roll with it, be silly and make jokes (while telling him the truth about the fart's origin). That'll show you're cool and not super sensitive! :)

By  bethan1  |  4

So you just say "bet you can't beat that one!" And start a farting contest until everyone else gets digusted and leaves and you get the restaraunt to yourselves then you can make love in the freezer. This usaully works for me.

  nidawi  |  0

22. I'm going to sound like a stalker, but P.S means post script. :) I know, I read your profile info...sorry about that, I just wanted to see a bigger picture of your user's sexy ahaha. ;) Btw fml for 44 unpublished fmls.