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Don't feel bad, I got nervous as I was about to walk down the aisle(before the music started) and while trying to stiffle a laugh I snorted... I'm pretty sure nerve noises are common, but people did laugh. Assholes. ;)

  cincin75  |  0

I hate say this, but OP I think your ex is worse than a whore. It is good for you to get rid of her before she bring you a daddy unknowned baby. You are lucky, just cheer up buddy. 

By  GAbeauty  |  0

I would say f your life too but not for farting but for being on fmylife the day you got married...I mean really?!? You couldn't find anything else to do like a honeymoon or something?

  Anteezy  |  7

I also like turtles, and I've seen the explanation of how "Today," is merely the format at least half a dozen times so now I just call people stupid. It's easier this way ;d