By flipflop - 07/06/2010 07:03 - United States

Today, I got married. I was so nervous right before I said my vows that, in the dead silence, I farted. Loud. My brother showed me afterwards, on tape, over and over and over again. FML
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It could've been worse, you could've had explosive diarrhea while saying your vows.

Family functions are going to be a riot for years.


Family functions are going to be a riot for years.

hahaha ^ so true n so sad

on your 50th aniversary they will play that tape and you will shit yourself laughing memories are a good thing

agreeed. this opens up for a lot of bad jokes. "Your wedding day was a real gas." "At least they married someone who knows how to cut loose"

now you'll be the butt of every joke.  lol

Don't feel bad, I got nervous as I was about to walk down the aisle(before the music started) and while trying to stiffle a laugh I snorted... I'm pretty sure nerve noises are common, but people did laugh. Assholes. ;)

Well, I guess your wedding... stunk...

I hate say this, but OP I think your ex is worse than a whore. It is good for you to get rid of her before she bring you a daddy unknowned baby. You are lucky, just cheer up buddy. 

Damn, wrong post again. 

6-you are gorgeous. Just sayin'

sneakyy littllee bastardd catch it next timmee

play the fart in slow mo

It could've been worse, you could've had explosive diarrhea while saying your vows.

lmfao. I was about to say the same thing. freaking Anti- flood :/

can't say I have ever farted from being nervous haha but that sucks man

hehehe I love it, entertainment for the entire family! you know at every family get together if a fart is dropped back come the puns hehe :D

dude be proud. not many people can say they did that hahaha

Well look at the bright side..congrtz on gettn married :] as for the brother..tell him family stuff is private?? i

I would say f your life too but not for farting but for being on fmylife the day you got married...I mean really?!? You couldn't find anything else to do like a honeymoon or something?

Really? Well I think you're a sweet heart!

lol, just cuz the FML starts with "today, bla bla bla" it doesn't mean that the FML was written today :/ That's how every FML starts.

Thanks:)! I'm new to this so unfortunately I didn't know that.

new or not. you are hot! I love GA

GAbeuty has a stinky butthole

....... just look at her hair... its obvious

"GAbeauty".....conceited much?

finally somebody knows it's not spelled "conceded"

I also like turtles, and I've seen the explanation of how "Today," is merely the format at least half a dozen times so now I just call people stupid. It's easier this way ;d roar.

r u a man or women

dude your pic is freaking awsoume.

lol 11. and sorry op but that is funny. lol

On the bright side u didn't shit yourself