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  esines  |  9

Anyone else notice her name is "god hates me"? God didn't make you have sex without a condom. That was up to you. Unless you were raped, if so I'm sorry and I feel like a dick.

By  khanrava  |  0

"report her, shes got no right to force her beliefs on customers. if she doesnt like the morning after pill, she should get another job

#6 - 02/24/2009 at 10:54am by twitteraddict
Report abuse"

Forcing her beliefs would of been refusing to sell the pill to her.
Honestly, other people are allowed to have their beliefs, not just you.

  chickletno1  |  0

I agree with twitteraddict. u are an idiot for reporting. the cashier stated her beliefs on the customer in a form of a sarcastic remark. u are not allowed to do that ever!

By  marsh_fml  |  0

#10, being allowed to have your own beliefs isn't the issue, though. It's about her job: I'm sure that she doesn't get paid to frankly denigrate people on the spot for the things that they buy. So, "forcing" may not be the right word for it, but definitely at least "imposing." Sorry that happened to you, OP.

By  Dimaranien  |  1

wasn't there a bill passed that sad that doctors and pharmacists could legally refuse to give out things based on their beliefs? i got an email from the democrats against it. i guess this is just an example of that...
o and i think that this lady at the desk meant 'happy birthday" to the little zygote. Like the girl was giving birth. rather scathing to the girl,really, basically saying that she was killing the thing, which at that stage is like a few cells, if even.
I have had a pharmacist be rather cruel to my mom because she was medicating me with anti-depressants, so it happens to everyone, with different situations and different meds. It is hard, because everyone has different views, so i guess you are bound to have something like that happen every once in awhile. Kinda sad, but alas, is common. Too much diversity in minds and convictions, you are pretty much promised a clash at some point. :/ ah well.
For the whole 'getting a different job' thing, thats a rocky path as well; for who is the employer to deny a job based on someone's personal beliefs? Even if they are against what they do, they are still able to get a job based on their resume, not their convictions, because to do so would be risky to the people who are hiring them.~ my head is spinning...~ :(

  roadie42  |  21

...Methinks you all are reading a little too much into it - the pharmacist isn't really forcing her beliefs on anyone, and it doesn't seem like a logical sarcastic remark. It was probably OP's birthday. The pharmacist saw it on her ID or something and wished her a happy one. OP is thinking, I just bought the damn morning after pill, do ya THINK I'm having a happy birthday? That's how I read it...