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Today, my girlfriend told me that she is pregnant. I asked how it could be possible, since she's on birth control. She said she didn't know her antibiotics would interfere with it. She's a pharmacist. FML
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AnOriginalName 19

Just because she's a pharmacist, doesn't means she's a good one.

Or or or she just wanted to get pregnant?


My doctor said that that's what they used to thought, and nowadays most doctors are convinced that's outdated information

used to thought?? :o woah is this english?

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is woah even a word with a legitimate spelling

#3 that isn't right, these days there are antibiotics that don't interfere with certain types of the pill, but a lot of them still do.

Oke, well I'm deeeply sorry English isn't my first language.. And I just copied what my doctor said to me..

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Actually it IS whoa. It's an interjection with a proper spelling. I consulted a dictionary. I didn't just know this. I do think that I've always spelled it "whoa," though. It's like how a lot of people see "yea," thinking it's "yeah," but it's actually another spelling of "yay."

conqueror57 11

There was just a whole article on about the spelling of "whoa/woah." It's apparently been up for debate for decades.

#3 sorry if that was rude ! and to the rest of you...ive always written 'woah' so thanks for the info guys!

I don't understand how I'm getting down voted but okay

For rudeness and/or for being uptight.

No. There are clearly some antibiotics that interfere with OCPs. As a pharmacist, she should've known this. I chalk this up to some passive aggressive bullshit.

well atleast she isnt cheating or smthn ,yet

Exactly what I thought when I started reading the FML!

Or or or she just wanted to get pregnant?

No that would be a FYL. Because it seems to me OP isn't quite ready for a child, and if OP's girlfried did get pregnant on purpose, things could get a littly spicyyy.

Interestingly, sabotaging birth control to get a pregnancy actually is a notable problem - but statistics suggest it's more commonly abusive men doing it to control their partners, as it's much harder to get out of a bad relationship when you're pregnant or have kids (abusive partners generally also control the finances). The myth that women do it frequently is largely due to men not understanding the failure rate of different kinds of birth control and societal attitudes reinforcing the idea that women lie and all desperately want babies. Even if a birth control method has a success rate of 99.99%, sex is something that happens so often that there's still going to be quite a lot of women who get pregnant from that 0.01%. I have an ex who was born through condoms AND the pill.

AnOriginalName 19

Just because she's a pharmacist, doesn't means she's a good one.

Merylwen 24

The real question is: how many customers did she get pregnant (or worse) like that?

Normally it's the doctor's duty to inform the patient of what antibiotics do. You know, since the doctor prescribes them in the first place.

acerredrum 23

But it is the pharmacists job to answer any questions they may have about the medication. Whether or not it will interfere or react with other medications.

#73, not really. I work in a pharmacy. Half the patients don't even know what they were prescribed or why.

Any halfway decent pharmacist looks shit like this up EVERY time there is a lack of knowledge or surety as to what the drug/drug reactions will be. There's a slight excuse for a lay person to not know shit like this but for a pharmacist that's plain moronic. @#73 most doctors are completely oblivious to what drugs do, they just prescribe shit and don't even think about what other drugs the patient is on. Pharmacists save a huge amount of lives from doctor ineptitude every day.

caysters 12

Actually, the pharmacist is responsible for asking if they have any questions and letting people know of the side effects. Half the time doctors don't know the shit they're prescribing or what it can do when mixed with other prescriptions. Had to fire a doctor because he prescribed and prescribed, which led to me being in the hospital because of it. The pharmacist questioned the doctors choice in prescribing them all together.

I said it's the doctor's DUTY. Which it is. Regardless if they are a good or bad doctor. Good doctors know their pharmacology. Plus many patients don't ask questions about prescriptions, so you can't think to tell them every possible side effect.

OP im afraid your babies mama is a dumbass in this case. but congratulations! !

Well I didn't know her job interfered with her intelligence...

It's possible it wasn't on either bottle and she did the research afterwords, pharmacists don't know everything, not rating this one, it's more of a **** Her Life.

information like that isnt written on any bottle. when given a prescription for antibiotics whilst on the pill, the doctor should verbally give you a warning, as should the pharmacist when collecting the actual medication. in the end, being a pharmacist herself she should have known better.

A pharmacist's job is to know which drugs interact with each other. There is no possible way she went to pharmacy school, got a degree, and still didn't know this. I call BS on this; She's lying.

You are also usually warned when you are prescribed the contraceptive pill and if says on the instructions in the box. It's a pretty difficult thing to miss of you're taking your medications correctly and work in an environment where you should be warning patients of this. tl;dr I agree she's bullshitting or she's really dumb

Ali_Br_fml 33

EVERY pharmacist I worked with (mostly outpatient) knew that SMALL fact. They ALWAYS made it a point to tell patients that Antibiotics could interfere with the efficacy of birth control tablets (cya). It's on the stickers that print out with the labels that we have to put on the vials of antibiotics and birth control tablets. A pharmacist is supposed to check everything that leaves the pharmacy. It's their license that's on the line. Her not knowing that antibiotics interfere with birth control tablets is unbelievable. They may not know everything, but that's the most basic of basics of pharmacology. Physicians usually call the pharmacist to check dosage and sometimes drug interactions by the way. Pharmacists call doctors when they see errors/possible errors in prescriptions. They are the FINAL step between patients and prescription medicine, so they have to jump through many hoops to prove that they can continue to dispense medicine. That specific drug-drug interaction is too basic for any pharmacist not to know. She knew, she just wanted a baby... Um, congrats by the way. It's not the baby's fault, so if you're upset, please don't take it out on him/her.

Ali_Br_fml 33

Oops, I took so long to type, that a few people beat me to a few points...

Even i knew this interaction by the time i was 12, then again my mom is an RN and i used to read medical books when i was bored. Shame on her, she should know better. I would hate to know what other interactions she is not aware could end with someone dying :(

Also, when I get a prescription, it usually comes with a little booklet containing the side affects & possible drug interactions.