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By  JennaWenna  |  0

I think it's funny that you think it's a FML moment to drink from a cup that has your cigarette ashes in it, but yet you inhale that shit into your lungs multiple times a day. Just saying

  xSwag5  |  0

I hate people who can't punctuate.
I hate people who don't know the difference between there, they're, and their.
That being said, smoke a few packs a day, no one will miss you.

  kenostic  |  2

Smoking helps with stress and can be a positive social experience with friends. Drinking ashe, the waste from smoking, is like eating your plastic cup after drinking your drink. Smoking is not that bad especially compared to obesity and drunk driving in terms of both illness and death. I think your statement is both illinformed and incorrect.

  GPAW  |  4

Wrong thumb... You know what also helps with stress? Crack cocaine! The best thing to do about stress is self hypnosis. Also smoking rips your body apart and make you smell like someone took a crap in your mouth, but like the others said in 4 years when you're missing a lung and we're treating you for emphazima do complain

  keenflow  |  2

79- you are ignorant. Crack cocaine is a upper therefore causing more stress on the body dumbass. The only way crack would be used as a stress reliever is if the person was already addicted to it. Weed would be a much better alternative for stress relief than cigarettes for damn sure. But just because you don't smoke doesn't mean you should think of yourself all high and mighty. I'm sure you drink alcohol which is proven to be terrible for the body. If people are wanting to bitch about second hand smoke then walk away from the smoker or tell them to walk away it's that easy. No one is makin you breathe it in. And lastly smokers dnt always smell. If they dnt give a fuck about their hygiene that's their issue but as for me I smoke and my breath doesn't smell like crap in my mouth. Maybe if you weren't such a dick and didnt have a one minded view on things, people could post and not get the tenth degree.

  stonessm  |  2

81-Calm down! All that 79 meant was that crack is awful for you just like smoking
and that there are many better ways to relieve stress than to smoke. And plus some people smoke in cars and around children and in those cases, you can't exactly walk away. Smoking is an addiction that takes many lives and hurts many people and people shouldn't say it's a good thing because it "relieves stress"

  i_lik_tomaters  |  21

@67 actually they are hurting others with their habits. Smoking affects everyone around the smoker and also everyone they come into physical contact with because the chemicals will stick to clothing and can harm others

  colton_colton  |  49


By  Dimaranien  |  1

lol, it happens. I did that at a party once, and i instantly vomited all over the table in front of me.
But hey, at least you have not reenacted the scene from American Pie...think about it, which would you rather, an unknown person's uh...fluids, or your own cigarette ashes?