By Anonymous - 25/01/2012 02:58 - United States

Today, the office tough guy learned how to use the fire extinguisher. On me. I wasn't on fire. FML
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On the plus side, you've got great reason to get the "office tough guy" fired.

He must think you're hot


Stop drop and roll!

Just realized how great of a way this would be for bosses to tell their employees they're fired....with a fire extinguisher.

use your fire extinguisher on him?

@13 so instead of "your fired" which takes a little over a second to say you suggest that a boss uses a fire extinguisher?? That's such a waste of time and money. Just saying.

Ya im thinking it was a joke pal

Wait you mean that all comments posted here aren't meant to be serious? Crazy

Would he rather have been on fire first? Because that can be arranged.

On the plus side, you've got great reason to get the "office tough guy" fired.

I'm guessing he wasn't fired. Do it back. Retaliate. Or you'll keep being a victim.

Or press charges. He's a bully and shouldn't get away with it!

Definitely should be fired! You're not supposed to use them on people. You're supposed to use a wool blanket on a person whose on fire.

Wow... Sounds like a sick place to work having an "office tough guy" that's seriously one of the most retarded things I've heard hahah

he should be fired, if there is any sense of justice

...out of a cannon.

When he gets fired, use a fire extinguisher on his way out of the office. Then promptly get an AVO out on him. He'll definently want revenge.

I like your profile pic. So true. And willy wonka just makes it better!

Set fire to his front lawn... I mean obviously he likes using fire extinguishers.

Just make sure you're not using a cross as firewood... people can get the wrong idea.

Fuck that..... Set his house on fire!!!

Maybe your smart arse comments were "on fire!"

If only yours were

I pick thing up I put them down!

He must think you're hot

I'd take that as a complement.....

Really? How would it complete you?

Really? I would be pretty ticked off if someone tried that with me.

I think it'd be funny as hell.. It's just a practical joke. Nothing malicious about it.

He was just practicing for if you ever were on fire. That's very considerate, you should be grateful :)

That's cute... I remember my first beer..

That's cute. I remember when I quoted lines from movies that had nothing to do with the current subject.

Lol someone's not getting any! Why don't you Do me a favor and go hump a pole! Ok champ

Oh shiiiiit! That one was really good. Go hump a pole? The clever comebacks people come up with these days.

Oh man, you're way too cool for me.:)

My point exactly.

So what movies did you used to quote?