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  rubberduckie94  |  13

Op simply says "an elderly mans funeral". So I can understand the joke 4 made. It sounds like he is a funeral crasher. Without the specification of great uncle, neighbor, grandparents friends ect. It seems they were just strolling along and decided to go to the funeral.

By  Pentium_4  |  26

thank you OP, for posting this FML. and bravo for going to his funeral, that's highly respectful, and funerals are really depressing and you endured it anyways. you just said elderly man so i don't know if you were close to him or not

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

So you would instinctively say, "No, thank you ." If asked if you want wanted to go eat some dog shit? No. You should always think about what you're saying, and this story is a prime example.