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Today, I used a fire extinguisher for the first time. Too bad it was on my car. FML
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good thing you were close to a fire extinguisher. you could have been in the middle of nowhere.


I remember my first time... oh good memories!

similar thing happened to me when I was driving kanye wests car. he had a crate full of bicarb soda and vinegar but when I hit a pot hole they mixed... it was like my year 5 science project all over again :( soo much lava. ITS EVERYWHERE!!!

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doesn't this FML looks like a sequence to the one right before it and both the posters name is USERNAME...

good observation. I guess Mom was a bad driver :P

Anyone else think that this FML is related to the one below?

ouch. I'm sorry OP :/ I have yet to use one of those..

you always get negative thumbs. Post better

Rule #1 of FML: do not feel bad for OP, EVER!!

#37 my bad for posting my opinion?

I've yet to use one... I'm glad. Fires scare the shit outta me!

why the heck would somebody put a down vote on it anyway??? just for that you got 1 vote from me doom2

good thing you were close to a fire extinguisher. you could have been in the middle of nowhere.

I'm guessing those Bikini Models you hired to sit on the bonnet were too hot for your car to handle.

Better to have to use it on your car than to have to use it on your genitals.

It could have been your house, which would have been worse, right? ^^

agreed, a bigger fml would be using it on your house, and basically, it could be worse

unless his car was his house. but why would he be on FML...

The last three comments have involved cars.

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You're lucky OP. You're lucky you had a fire extinguisher handy to put out a car fire. I watched a truck burn to the ground outside my work once. In retrospect... one of my managers could've taken our fire extinguisher out to help... but hindsight is 20/20 and all that.