By Anonymous - 24/01/2012 20:22 - United States

Today, I didn't have plans on shaving my pubic hair. My girlfriend's braces thought otherwise. FML
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PuffDaddy395 3

Some manscaping is in place…

Just like a lawn mower.


First! And OUCH.

...that's great. :l u win nothing.

I win the recognition of being first.

What did the orthodontist have to say about that?

Well you should've shaved if you know she has braces.

BarDownDaily 12

At least you got head!

lover1973 0

Wow -.-

At least you weren't circumcised by them.

Did she cough up a pubic fur ball?

olpally 32

More like ouch! Damn, that sucks big time op! Fyl

Did you curl up into a fetal position after?

Yuck, F both your lives!!!

xSonic 9

^^ boobs....

Did it hurt?

At least you got a bj

haha 110 ur picture made ur comment hilarious

At least she's not a cheese grater

Sounds like everything was going good up until then.

What did the orthodontist have to say about that?

EmperorXing 0

If she still has braces, she's too young for you bro.

bitter3ulogy 0

^dumb comment.

But, he cried the whole time! (Doesn't matter, had sex!) -Lonely Island

If she still wears braces, she's too young for you bro. or you're both too young to be doing this sorta stuff.

SmallyBigs 9

Because only kids wear braces. Adults NEVER wear braces.

MichellinMan 20

I honestly could not think of a more brutal way of pubic shaving.

DuckOnQuack93 5

Hey, at least you were getting some action!

You know I don't think the twelve seconds of head compensates for getting all your pubes ripped out at once

who needs a razor?

silver848 6

Why would let you girlfriend give you a bj when she has braces. There are like 20 of these in the in here.

duhhkotuhh107 0

Omg gross but very funny!

Poser1337 5

Funny? Yea? Why don't YOU try it sometime.

witchdoctor1 9

Dude. Your comment + your pic. Win

MichellinMan 20

dammit women, its not funny. I'm going to rip your pubes out with metal brackets. huh? No? that's what I thought.

PuffDaddy395 3

Some manscaping is in place…

KiddNYC1O 20

This comment goes well with that sweater. You look like Freddy Kreuger.

marzipanimal 15

Pubic hair on a guy is such a turn off for me anyway. Shaaaveee it!.

Nice Krueger sweater. Also. If his girlfriend is black, he has himself a black-n-decker pecker wrecker.

marzipanimal 15

Okay I guess i simply prefer 'trimmed' a little bit isn't a prob.(:

slushybox 9

I made the mistake of trying to picture this. Not all that pretty

Just like a lawn mower.

goodoldave 17

Would've been funny if she added a mowing or electric shaving sound lol.


Aw hell, posted by accident… anyways, I apologize, the word "GAAAAYYY" is just the first thing that comes to mind whenever I see Señor Cheng. So yeah, that was… random.

desireev 17

So long, GAY BOYS! :) I love him!

It's only "ow" if blood was involved

Je pensais que tu étais belle ... telle rage ...

P.s I've worked with patients who have been stabbed in the eye.... There is a lot of blood.

Well, it could have been more embarrassing, oh wait nevermind sorry.

BarDownDaily 12

I cringed at the thought of this. FYL. I'm really sorry. But hey, at least you got head right?

tparis12345 4

Ewww braces

2ndSucks 15

Oh yeah, straight teeth are just disgusting.

tparis12345 4

No just girls with metal teeth

^ You're dumb.

Pffftttt... Amateurs!

Good ol lawn mowers