By firefighter - 08/09/2009 22:10 - United States

Today, in Chem, I was chosen to hold the fire extinguisher just in case something happened while showing how to blow up a dangerous chemical. My teacher told me to spray if anything got out of control. He lit the fire and I freaked out and sprayed it. The entire wing of my school was evacuted. FML
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That sucks! But at least you got out of class early!!

You dumbass.


That sucks! But at least you got out of class early!!

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She was probaly in seventh period, and class was gonna get out in five minutes. xD

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ok, so i don't know what kind of shitty school you go to, but you don't just "blow up" dangerous chemicals for the fuck of it. So either this is way fake or the OP doesn't understand the experiment that was being carried out and clearly needed to be as far away from any fire extinguishers as possible.

wow. . . . . please lol that is pathetic

I agree, OP is an idiot, hands down.

I think this FML could be a win because the OP missed school.

well this freak out wasnt a half a second long spur of the moment thing, because you must of had to pull the pin and then squeeze... you totally deserve it and your a idiot if your panic attack over a little fire lasted long enough to do that

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what kind of school do you go to that they make the kids handle the fire extinguisher and blow up chemicals especially on the first day? i think it was more the teacher's fault here. btw, are you a pyrophobe? because it sounds like it

In yourface, dogman332. ^_____^

it might not be the first day, its my seventh week already

This happened at my school, and it's the first day of the second week for us.

he was probably putting it in simple, more dramatic terms. Ever heard of dramatic writing? well this is a mild form.

Who said it was her first day of school?

it was methane.

i love you

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shittty school .

#23 At my school, the chem class uses a gas in a container that they light and cause a very loud explosion. It's not very dangerous, just a rapid expansion and some flames. I can see why they would have a fire extinguisher. You have to be prepared for anything to go wrong, especially in a room full of students. She does not sound stupid, just scared. At my school, the ceiling tiles pop up in a 1 classroom radius. On top of that, the teacher doesn't tell them what he is doing, so they all jump. It's pretty funny actually.

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ROFL, haha this is jks

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I love that scene! :D

that's awesome, I'm sure everyone celebrated you.

or they burned him at the stake for being an idiot and evacuating half the school... then put the fire extinguisher just out of arms reach for him.


The fire must've gotten out of hand.

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Don't worry, your schoolmates probably laughed it off, and since your teach didn't specify what 'out of control' is, they can't fine you. Still pretty funny :)

Actually out of control is quite well defined. i.e. Something is out of control when you can no longer control it. If the fire grew too hot to turn off the fuel, or if the experiment itself was self-sustaining and exothermic, then it's out of control. If the teacher turned on the burner and OP freaked out, she should definitely not be the one with the safety equipment. YDI

"i.e. Something is out of control when you can no longer control it." thanks for the clarifacation. -.-

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im antipyro too its ok.

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haha wow. i am a pyro!! idg how ppl can be antipyro...

You dumbass.