By hanmart - 15/11/2009 05:12 - United States

Today, I found out that my coworker shared a laugh with the boss about setting the office desk on fire (which he actually did), while ten minutes later I was threatened with being fired because I made paper snowflakes and hung a few of them next to the computer. FML
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What can you say, your boss sure likes fire.. setting desks on fire, firing people.. oh the joys of being a boss!

perdix, you have failed. I'm disappointed with you.


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Never thwt i would b so happy to be 1st, that said Do as i said not as i do, pay attention

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There were like seven new ones that just went up, being first is an even more trivial acheivement than usual.

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Hey it was my 1st time, let me enjoy my moment "its the simple thingz in life"

You're simple.

14000 th person to say your life sucks

Favoritism boss, much?

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YDI for making paper snowflakes. Who makes paper snowflakes unless they're under the age of 7.

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I make paper snowflakes and tape them to my glass door. My kids like it. Anyways, boredom can force you to do all kinds of childish things (snowflakes) or stupid things"(Setting fires)

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Your co-worker is a fun pyromaniac, but you are a creepy pedophile. Get over it and be glad you have a job.

Since when does making paper snowflakes make someone a "creepy pedophile"?

perdix, you have failed. I'm disappointed with you.

What can you say, your boss sure likes fire.. setting desks on fire, firing people.. oh the joys of being a boss!

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Don't forget setting people of fire!!

as jack from 30 rock would say, "That's why my job is better than yours"

Like a Boss!!!

ok seriously. You sat on the clock and made paper snowflakes? that is such a deliberate waste ofcompany time. I'd imagine the person who set the desk on fire didn't do it on purpose, or atleast was able to make it seem not on purpose.

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My thoughts exactly.

That depends on what they do. They may work a job where they can multitask while on hold or waiting for the PC to do something, or waiting for calls if they are in telecommunications. A lot of jobs could allow for this to be done on company time without affecting productivity. We can't assume the OP was wasting company time any more than we can assume the fire setter wasn't.

well, i beleive that the fire was with the boss's approval, while he didnt know about the snowflakes til later.

Six, if they were threatened with being fired over it it's probably pretty safe to assume that they were wasting time doing it and not working.

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poorly written. took me a minute to figure out what it meant.

How dare you waste time with arts and crafts.

Yeah but then you DID figure it sooo quit whining!!!! Next???!!!!!