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Today, the ice cream truck went by my house for the seventh time today, as it has for the last seven days of my fasting. FML
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lmao he's not christian, ignorants. haha He's Muslim. Muslims are now Fasting cause it's Ramadan. Just ignore it, my friends sleep through the day until the Adan. Then they eat. wohoo?

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haha i know how you feel. i've been fasting too. just hang in there till maghrib. and to all you who say that he deserves this, i would like you to try it.


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YDI for fasting. Christianity and it's rules are BS.(if that was your reason for fasting, if not YDI for having another stupid reason)

Who the **** said he is Christian? Dumbass.

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u have ur religions mixed up nd how does he or she deserve it it's part of his or her religion

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That really sucks OP. Just don't give up ice cream for lent ;)

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Well if you would've read my post I stated that if Christianity isn't the reason than YDI for having another just as stupid reason.

Op ydi for fasting. But get over it anyway, isn't fighting temptation part of the reason for fasting in the first place?

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YDI for the ice cream truck going by your house for the seventh time today, as it has for the last seven days of your fasting.

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maybe there doing one of those cleanse thingys

Skroal, you're so funny that I kicked a wall after reading your post.

21, you're an idiot. Maybe tonost people the point of fasting is to resist temptation, but in my religion, and many others, the point is to gain nearness to God - by not eating, as we leave these bodies once we die, & return to the world of souls. And as souls, one does not eat (nor do they experience temptation). Nor does God eat. So it isn't really about resisting temptation, but spirituality. As a sidenote, I apologize for sounding preachy. I just wanted to correct this twisted belief of religious fasting, as I feel it is a duty as people to understand and/or accept all religious beliefs. So, again, sorry if this pisses anyone off, and i'd REALLY like people to not yell at me for this. Thanks! :)

you a guy or girl I'm a lesbo let me lick you up

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i say we all yell at 62. religion has caused far more wars than any other entity in the world.

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eat it at night after sunset obviously

ice cream is overrated anyways! it could have been worse..

#62 you don't have to apologize to anyone. You are only informing to enlighten people.

I don't know if 72 is being sarcastic, but I certainly hope so. In reality, it was intolerance that caused more wars than any other entity in existence. How does it feel, 72, to know that it is, in fact, not religion, but people like the above description — some of which happen to supposedly believe in various religions — who typically cause conflict?

OH WOE IS ONTO ME! I CAN'T EAT MY ICE CREAM TILL NIGHT! Well, at least it's working. Imagine the poor children back in your home country who will want a cup of water and maybe some Ramen Noodles. But can't afford it. That's the whole point of Ramadan (that and proving your faith to yourself by not doing what 44 said. With that strict but loving lecture being said, Ramadan Mubarak bro/sis. Make good use of it.

62 knows what they're talking about. calling the guy an idiot was a little uncalled for. I always thought fasting was to resist temptation as well. but then a guy at my church was talking about how he went on a trip and had no food and it was hot and when he felt like he was going to die, he felt close to god. something like..when you have absolutely nothing but him, you're closest to him. I put 2 and 2 together and figured out that's what fasting is. @ myself - cool story, bro beat everyone to it 

7 times a day for 7 days? obviously god is doing something for u :) yay

are you muslim and fasting for Ramadan? just wondering cause I think it's this month and putting two and two together.

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Ramadan has been going on that long already? Stay strong OP, you'll be fine. At least you can eat at night, so buy some ice cream and stick it in your freezer. :)

Wait what did #1 say? he sounds like an ass hole

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sundae crunch is the best. and the ice cream sandwiches with chocolate chip cookies;)

or maybe it was the white people that wanted to destroy anything different.

62 I said PART of it was resisting temptation, and it is, because there is temptation and you are resisting it. I don't have a problem with people following their religion and I respect them more for it.

Muahahaha My religion rules, I can eat whatever the hell I want, and not being a vegan is amazing also

Well, depending on what they are doing to follow their religion, but as long as it's not hurting anyone innocent.

62 is right. 72, the reason why is because those people we call terrorists are brainwashed via corrupt version of the Koran and have devoted their lives to kill anyone who aren't worshipping their god. Don't blame him, grab a gun and shoot the real reason why the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been crappy.

Look everyone has a different view on religion so lets stop this religious debate. Honestly, does anyone ever win in a religiois debate?

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today, i couldn't eat ice cream, so i decided to bitch about it on the internet

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ignorance is infectious, sadly

I say OP is Muslim, seeing as it is Ramadan.

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Same here op! but its ok just put the ice cream in the freezer until its time to eat :) and this is hardly an fml i mean its just food

Religion doesn't often cause wars. In the OT, maybe, but throughout history, it's typically hypocrites and fanatics, hiding their own greed and lust for power behind religion, who cause wars. Just sayin'.

176 Being Muslim doesn't mean you have to be vegan... on a side note I am pleasantly surprised that the fml community is more mature than my school...

That is not the original Skroal making these comments. It is just someone waiting for the comments back so he can rub his little peepee thinking about how he made someone mad. The best way to deal with her is to ignore her. The original Skroal went away and this one will go soon enough.

I think everyone should go **** themselves. Comment Moderated. Just Kidding :) I love ice cream. I gotta go pee!

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I'm fasting too. HANG IN THERE!

#176 I am Muslim myself so I know being Muslim doesn't mean you have to be a vegan. Muslims eat almost all the same meats as everyone else it just has to be halaal meaning that it was prayed on while being killed.

I totally understand. I'm fasting too. Don't be tempted by some dumb ice cream truck. But hey, everything happens for a reason. Hopeully this had a good reason to pass by your house.

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168-ya its ramadan. I'm a Muslim and I'm fasting myself. its obviously a little hard but you get used to the routine.

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yuck shoulda did it back to her

wow 236 you must go to school with 5th graders then. no wonder you think that too, you have anime as your profile pic..

77 no way if he does that he will turn into a gremlin.

skroal prove it and put your original pic up.

hang on bro I'm fasting too, and to all the dumbfucks: **** u they know themselves.

fasting is the act of not eating when the sun is out. you can eat before sunrise and after sunset.

Well, fasting just means avoiding food, but yes, from context clues, it's the Islamic fast, so that's probably true that it's during sun hours.

fasting is when you can't eat or drink when the sun is up. the Muslim people Has to wake up very early in the morning and pray then have a big feast. once the sun is up they aren't allowed to eat and drink. after sun sets they pray and then have another big feast.

Again, 163, you're describing the Ramadan fast. Fasting is a much wider term that simply means not eating, either at all or a few specific things, for a certain period of time. People do it for religious, medical, or general health reasons. You can also "fast", or abstain from, non-food things like TV for religious reasons.

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I think it's fairly safe to assume that the OP is referring to the Ramadan fast considering that it is being observed right now. I can't think of many medical reasons for why someone might fast for seven days, just a thought ;)

you don't need ice cream. ice cream makes you fat! eat something healthy like tofu.

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they're fasting, meaning no food just water.

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your an idiot 48. And for all you Non-Muslims you should ******* try it and see how it goes. And for all the idiots that think they know what fasting is just STFU.

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110, you need to STFU. You sound like a douche. Yeah, that person got it wrong but who cares? Everybody makes mistakes. And FYI, it's not just Muslims who fast. Fasting has been around since before Islam.

There are different types of fasting, it's about sacrifice, so you can choose to not eat chocolate for a month as a type of fast. Just a little info...

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Is it really something to get so angry about? It's absolutely appalling to see people that are claiming to be religious, talking and acting the way some of you are. You are on here cussing at someone and calling them an idiot for a simple mistake and telling them they should try being a Muslim. You are certainly no role model. I can hardly see a single person in this FML that is the least bit religious. You are a true embarrassment to religion, faith, spirituality and to any higher power. You should be barred from any church.

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no dipshit im an asshole and STFU and mind your own business.

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wat kinda fasting are we talking about. the sunset rule or the no eating watsoever. bc if the no eating watsoever on then u need water after 3 days. correct me if im wrong but that guy wasnt to far off in my opinion

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yeah and you should lose some weight

Let's make it easy: Fasting: "Not eating or drinking for a while" Islamic Ramadan Fasting: No eating, drinking, inhaling smoke, injesting anything (vaccines or blood or anything) while the sun's up. You can eat and drink when it's dark.

118, while for the most part I agree with you, I can't help but critique: the last little bit, in which you said the character in question should be banned from any church, was unnecessary. I understand the point you were trying to get across, but it seems like you're being somewhat supercillious. This could very well not be true — and I doubt it actually is, since you recognize that the others weren't acting in a very holy manner — but that bit seemed out of place in your otherwise great comment.

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If you were telling me to lose weight, that makes you even more of an idiot.

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i hate to be tbe one to do this but you're*. if ur insulting someone do it correctly. especially since ur insult is false

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I'm certainly not one to think I'm above another person, especially on a website. To me, I think people take advantage of religion. It's abused and when people claim to be one way and act another, it really irritates me. Meh, the last comment was driven from pure annoyance with some of the people here, I didn't mean it in a mean way, just came out with my ramble. I don't go to church very often, but I'm a spiritual person and I don't think anyone should claim to be something they're not. I suppose maybe the right route for a person that way, would be to go to church. If he does, he should go more often. I hardly ever take this website seriously. However, there are a few certain issues that I take very seriously. Religion being one of them, also things such as molestation/rape or any other type of crime.

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who is or wat is a shes. mayb she's* chubby or mayb not. that has nothing to do with intelligence though. or i cld be wrong. feel free to correct me

Ah, that's precisely what I thought. You didn't seem like that type of person. Thank you for explaining. I would type more, but matters dictate that I leave for now. 'Til we meet again.

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Do you even know what the difference between "fat and chubby" is? Or if there even is a difference? Probably not. I won't hold it against you if you don't.

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im done arguing. i was kidding your not "fat" "chubby". Truce ?

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You don't have to tell me. Good thinking on the truce thing.

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you can inject things while fasting. only somethings you can't. well, you can but it breaks your fast. oh and so does fighting so to the idiots that are fighting right now if you're fasting it's broken. :D

I agree with 144. in everything she has said.

I'm a bit late to this party, but I'll try to clear up some of the confusion about fasting anyway. As I stated in an above comment, "fasting" is a loose term used in many religious and health-related applications. The orthodox definition may be "no food or water for a set period of time", but nowadays it commonly means "abstaining from all food, liquid, and ingested substances (ie smoke), or abstaining from specific types of the same, for a set period of time." For example, some fasts allow you water, others allow all clear liquids, others allow water, fruits, and vegetables only, etc. I'm not clear on the traditions and laws of Ramadan, but in Protestant Christianity, extended fasts often apply only to food, so you can stay hydrated and get some nutrients from juices, etc. The purposes for fasting run the gamut from surgical preparation to attaining spiritual enlightenment. Fasts can be found in lots of cultures throught history, and the reasons are too varied to go into here. But basically, personal fasting is what you make of it. Your heart should be in it, and you should know why you're doing it. It's a good idea to be aware of any health risks beforehand, even if you then choose to take the risks anyway. You should at least know what you're looking to overcome through your faith. Oh, and BTW, *waves at FFML* Here's a religious one. ;) I try not to be a wishy-wash or a nutjob, while still living my faith.

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Hi TIJD! I'm the exact same way. I will always stand by faith and what I believe in, but it certainly doesn't consume me. I'm extremely open minded and down to earth. People stereotype religion, it happens. I will certainly fight for it though. :] I'm a tough cookie to crumble. I'm certainly not a force to be reckoned with! Muahah.

#127 by pointing out someones ignorance you just made yourself look like an idiot, it's not their fault for not knowing I am muslim myself and I don't know a about very many christian beliefs.

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why the bloody hell would you need to fast? it's stupid

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ydi means you deserve it and OP is original poster.

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ydi= young dying immagrants (sp)*