By snazz23 - United States - Houston
Today, I learned that marriage isn't all roses and sunshine. Instead, it's digging an infected ingrown hair out of your husband's ass cheek because he can't reach it himself. FML
snazz23 tells us more :
OP here! So, we're very open about our gross habits. We have no problem popping each others pimples and such. I was actually the one to point out the infection and asked if he wanted me to get it. I'm not grossed out by it, I simply found it funny that everyone always says what bliss being a newlywed is and here I am squeezing and digging and infected hair our of my husband!
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  Migole  |  36

Thankfully I can read (or see) almost anything while eating without losing my appetite :D
But I'm in medschool so I guess I'm not normal anyway...

By  MReyes320  |  12

For better or for worse, OP.

At least you're dedicated to his well being. Sunshine and roses it won't always be, but he'll definitely remember what you're doing for him now.

By  species4872  |  19

He's got Cheek to ask, Butt now he owes you.