By teachingsucks - / Sunday 14 March 2010 18:29 / United States
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  saviisneat  |  0


and everything is bound to go wrong while eating an ice cream and driving. you deserve it because you were probably not paying attention and licking your cone. ;)

  Ms_Jessie22  |  8

YDI for trying to eat your feelings!!
Next time, go work out or something. Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't kill their husbands. À la Elle Woods :)

  PsychoMerk  |  0

Sirin IS the moderator >_> she abuses the power!!!!! Dx but yeah...

those soft-serves make me happy to be alive :') I had one yesterday :p Now, I shall go buy another.

  KurouTenshi  |  0

Screw you, #34. McD's is good for staying regular.
anything but the soft serve is well know for making you take an epic McDump.
I guarentee you it will hurt, but that's how you know it worked.

  Firetroop  |  0

Holy, ReyEr. So negative on this site. FML is for abecdotes, funny things that happen that mess up someone's day. I swear, you might die of heart attack or something.

  KurouTenshi  |  0

YDI for assuming everyone tht eats at McDonalds is a fatass
and/or assuming that eating McDonalds makes you a fatass.
eating there is step 1.
step 2 is poor diet, exercise, and/or genetics.
don't be a hater. be a bater.

  imdeborah  |  0

#71, I have to agree, you're totally right. people get soo judgemental when it comes to McD's. it's not like OP said they eat it daily. #88, FML.com is for entertainment, not sympathy. i think OP KNOWS that they won't get a ton of sympathy for this.

  Sirin_fml  |  46

I admit it readily: I have no life. Now hush, Hush, and take this invite to Snickerdoodles' and I's wedding. You can be the best man, and recite a very, very grammatically correct speech.

  cristallynn  |  0

wow Marley you are such a bitch all it is from you is calling others names and judging them and you wonder why people don't like you?
I think your fake anyway, op you should of been more careful.

  ReyEr9412  |  0

I admit that my standards for an FML are higher than most. But I was expecting this one to end like "I was so busy eating my delicious ice cream that I crashed the car. A little girl then ran up, kicked me in the balls, and took my ice cream. FML"

  gigi_bella  |  0

Marley-- You're just like my sister. I say I'm going to McDonalds, and she always tells me how I'm going to become fat. One McDonald's meal every few months will not kill you, however, eating it for dinner every night will.

I'm feeding a troll. Silly me.


Ok, I already said this once, but it looks like I have to say it again.
Maybe we should hang a sign around Marley's neck that says 'please don't feed this troll. Many angry women will follow with never-ending insults that will carry on for multiple posts.'

  ladykat  |  0

Oh NOOOO the world is coming to an end!!! FYcarsLIFE!!

I'm used to everyone just telling 'woops' stories instead of real FMLs. I guess its good to know that not everyone's life is fucked!

  ladykat  |  0

Has anyones parents ever sung the McDonalds song to them????

"McDonalds is my kind of place
They feed you rattlesnakes
There are no parking spaces
They'll slap you in the face...

That's why their my kind of place!!"

My dad used to sing it all the time...
on the way to McDonalds. We loved it!

  ladykat  |  0

Yes I know that... but as a kid it was fun. Maybe my dad was just creative and it wasn't an actual song parents sung to thier kids. I don't know...

  deathcab7  |  0

im not really a fan of mcdonalds. but their shakes and salads and ice cream iss pretty amazing. ! i dont really care for anything else on their menu though. but next time op try controlling your icecream when you drive! hehe

  gomego87  |  0

meowuiiiiifiififiiiimojtabandjdjfjjfuck your life fjfjififjfjrjjrjfnfngkofoeorjieoellfodlfofkgood girls going bad cause cities filled with theem, FML

  golfer_boi  |  10

Even if she is fat, which you don't know, at least she is smart enough to be a teacher. You are a dumbass, did you even pass kindergarten? You couldn't tell from the horrible grammar in your profile. It's people like you that stop human kind from advancing.

  ElMetalero  |  0

I think there should be a label somewhere on the ice cream stating "dont lick and drive, it may cause ice cream to explode and make a mess in your car, here's the website so you can go cry about it if you don't adhere to warnings: FMyLife.com (also available for iphones)"

By  expen_dable  |  0

you have to be careful in the McDonalds drive thru, there are lots of raging fat people who will kill for some nuggets. fast food combined with not having to leave your car is a fat persons dream.

  CallMeHush  |  0

At first I wasn't so sure but the more I think about it, the more I am sure that my young friend is that creepy kid. Only now he has gotten better at it. Heck he hasn't even gotten a restraining order lately.

  blueeyes24  |  0

At least it was icecream.... The machine they use is basicly the same kind of machine that they use at every icecream shop. Which makes it about the safest thing you can get there!

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