By ShaunBomb / Saturday 11 December 2010 06:11 / United States
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  iTaylor  |  0

that's like that episode of The Office where it was Meredith's birthday and Michael wanted to get an ice cream cake because that's what he liked even though Meredith was lactose intolerant.

  katplayer  |  4

I get it 45. Shame you didn't claim the situation was smelly because one of the symptoms of having dairy when lactose intolerant is gas, but ah well.

  wcstcomic  |  0

It's not like OP said they're *only* celebrating it with friends. Frankly its a bit sad that you would think you have stop celebrating with your parents at a certain age. Unless of course your parents are horrible people.

  wcstcomic  |  0

FYI, depending on your level of intolerance and the amount of dairy contained in the particular food, those either don't work, and don't work enough to make it worth it. You know, FYI.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  25

I am Lactose-intolerant and even with those pills there are still plenty of things i can't eat because they don't work well enough to solve the problem. They are fine for something like a couple of slices of cheese but I still get sick when I eat regular ice cream.