By Anonymous - 09/09/2011 13:36 - United States

Today, I decided to get back into shape. I went for a jog around my neighborhood. The ice cream truck followed me for my whole jog, mocking me. FML
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You should've mocked the loser who drives an ice cream truck for a living.

NoobHat 6

How you kept running is beyond me, I'm powerless before an ice cream sandwich.


You should've mocked the loser who drives an ice cream truck for a living.

Or threw an ice cream sandwich back at him and asked him how he likes it?! And run off.

But That's like the best job there is!

Part of getting into shape is fighting temptation, be as stubborn / determined as you can and you'll make it. Good luck!

Tosh.0 drove an Ice cream truck in the music video I'm Gipper, and he's doing alright for himself. That being said, yes, getting in shape is more mentally blocking temptations than anything else.

DontModMeDammit 10

I'm pretty sure his name is Daniel Tosh, not Tosh.o.

rexgar2000 10

who the **** is Daniel tosh or tosh?

Or did he follow the ice cream truck? The world may never know...

ImmaB3AST 7

31- A ****** beast comedian.

Physical training of any sort is 95% mental and 5% body.

bitchslapped22 14

His name isn't Tosh.0

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

You should have called the police and told them he was selling drugs to children when they bought ice-cream cones. They called it the "herb-a-cone".

Finn_the_human 5

Sounds like the Jolly Olly Man.

cruxx 0

Next time run towards a park with kids.. And see if he is still an asshat ;)

sweet tooth (don't know if anyone has ever played twisted metal)

enonymous 8

Hey My Ice Cream Van is legit son. The chicks dig it...

mechasonic777 0

I concur.

Damn_Hippster 11

Ice cream! Where??!!

tsume24 3

round is a shape! (:

Should have ran faster to get away from it and burn more calories!

gracevet88 0

My mammaw drove an ice cream truck in the summer when she visited from our of state so shed have extra money to spoil us with. Fuck u

NoobHat 6

How you kept running is beyond me, I'm powerless before an ice cream sandwich.

olpally 32

Careful though.. An ice cream man could also be a pedophile in disguise... run faster op!!!

Mmm pedophile sandwich.....I mean, um, yeah, should've mooned him OP.

Well when destiny calls..... All you can do is go along with it

NotAPedo 0

Free ice cream if you manage to get into the my truck!! No adults allowed!

ImFrackinBored 13

70, Will there be cherry Nyquil Popsicles?

82, your comment and name just made you my best friend!

NotAPedo 0

Only if you promise to close your eyes

eln3mo13 8

sadly no, they only come in grape

did you buy some icecream afterwards??

Because after a good jog, there's nothing better than an icecream to negate all the weight you lost.

I believe that would be counter-productive.

je_suis_fml 11

50- and that, my friend, would be the point of sarcasm...

-54 I was speaking to #3, not #50, I'm simply saying this because I didn't detect any sarcasm in the post. Though I suppose I could be wrong, I've never been good with sarcasm over the Internet.

ikickgingers 15

Eat the ice cream while you're running. Now that, that is talent.

-75 Well, though I can't think of an exact time I did that, it doesn't sound hard.

ikickgingers 15

Exactly. :)

Are you kidding? Jogging and ice cream are a terrible combination. Fuck the weight you gain back, I just think it would suck to walk home after you vomit!

decidedlyvague 11

gardeninghoes... I don't know if you realize this or not... so I'm just gonna break it to you... you're #50. I hope you aren't making a comment on a comment you posted, unless you have multiple people inside your head. It's alright then, but I would recommend that you go see your friendly neighborhood psychiatrist.

You should have pulled out a dollar and had him follow you sone more and mock him like 1 said

You should have run around the truck over and over with money in your hands, while saying you want ice cream.

yamatelle 19

The ice cream truck was mocking you? The only time I had a car talk to me was when I was on shrooms.

GrammarNaziFTW 0

Get out. -_-

Hahaha righttttt

Drugs are bad, mmkay.

yamatelle 19

76- How would you know? You're just a gardening hoe.

CyonideCyns 0

87- I do not believe 76's statement was sincere, I personally took it as a South Park reference. OP, you should have stopped to "buy an ice cream" and spit in that driver's face.

yamatelle 19

97- Neither was I. Her picture is that of a gardening hoes that's why I said it. But, seriously, what would a gardening hoe know about drugs?

CyonideCyns 0

101- I kinda began to think you might have been being sarcastic as well after I posted haha...And, garden hoses are party ANIMALS! you never know what crazy shit they're gonna get themselves into

Haha shrooms don't get lost

yamatelle 19

I meant her name is GardeningHoes. You don't have any clue about what's in that fertilizer. It's worst than shrooms.

yamatelle 19

I meant her name is GardeningHoes. You don't have any clue about what's in that fertilizer. It's worst than shrooms.

eln3mo13 8

depends on the gardening hoe. most drugs start off as plants ya know

I want your ice cream man!! Delicious and self-esteem crippling!!

tsim_fml 0

LUCKY!!!!! u got ur own ice cream truck!!!!!

Hence the need to get in shape!

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

What?? Where does it say that in the FML??

tsim_fml 0

94- well it followed OP hence getting ice cream whenever you want

flamerocker 9

Best way to do business...

hatepineapple 14

Well you're clearly not in that bad shape if you're faster than an ice cream truck...

bubo_fml 10

It'd feel foolish jogging 2 circus tunes during my workout too...

mgsoloist 14

The one that goes through my neighborhood just circles through the ABC's, baa baa black sheep, and twinkle twinkle little star.

.. They're all the same tune.

uridea 14

That's why they invented portable music players :P

mgsoloist 14

Sarcasm. Not known to the Internet folk.

CyonideCyns 0

67- I think that she already knew that, To others, who thumbed down her comment about sarcasm, I'm pretty sure that was because of 67's assessment of her post.