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Today, my husband and I went to the store. Because we have no car, we had to walk four miles in the 115 fahrenheit weather. It didn't click until we were standing outside the door with a metric shit-tonne of ice-cream, that we'd have to tear ass back home to keep it all from melting. FML
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4 miles for some ice cream? Now that's determination

So, you purchased 1000 kgs of ice-cream (plus whatever the difference is between a shit-tonne and a regular tonne is), with a distance of 6.4 kms needed to travel, in an environment of roughly 46'C, which gives you an estimated time of 10 minutes before it's melted beyond consumption........Interesting. I guess the only question I have to that is, can you and your husband maintain a running speed of no less than 38.4 km/h, with a tonne strapped to your combined asses, for 10 solid minutes? Because if not, you may not have thought this through very well. :)


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10- But then they would have NO ice cream, and that would be a sad, sad day.

27- Few truer words have been spoken....or typed. I say eat can you can, cut your losses with the rest, and call it a fantastic day. ;)

Give it away give it away give it away, now!

After eating as much as you can, have an ice cream fight!

There are several solution to this: Taxi/cab Bus Use a friend to drop you Rent a car Borrow a car If none of the solution provided is readily available, talk to the store manager to allow you to keep the icecream in the freezer till you comeback with a car. I'm sure you can find SOME sort of transport faster than your two legs...

....yep but not as much fun as ice cream fight.... Am I right or am I right.

I say walk at your own pace, then have some lovely chocolate soup for dinner....

They would, it would have been eaten? Your logic is flawed!

4 miles for some ice cream? Now that's determination

At least when OP got home, they would already have burned off some of the calories!

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then probably gained it all back eating it.

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then probably gained it all back eating the icecream..

Yeah well, ice-cream is so totally worth it!! Especially if it involves chocolate :D

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If it melts re-freeze it? I mean might be a little frozen burnt but totally worth it.

You'll never make it. My best advice would be to sit your ass down on the curb, grab a spoon, and dig in. Feel free to share what you can't finish. Then you all can send thanks to whomever the genius was who invented ice cream in the first place.

I'd say they may as well take their time instead of walking four miles in 115 degree weather unless of course they want heat stroke.

In the wilds of Suburbia, I can imagine Survivorman advising viewers to use ice cream to survive the blistering heat on that trek.

It was the cows that created it, it's always those god damn cows.

That inventor of ice cream my dear friends was the wife of President Madison, Dolly Madison :)

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Instead of ice cream you'll have milkshakes.

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#46 - Yeah, because cheese doesn't have flavor already, right?

No. It just has that faint moldy texture, makes you wanna taste and that's whats tricking you .

But will they bring all the boys to the yard?

How constructive of you and light hearted might I add...

Bootyhead u should just shut your face

Can't be a preschool teacher with that attitude.

Your married, with a title of 'misses'?

105- What other title is she suppossed to have?

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I wish I could run everyone in this comment section over with a very large truck. Except 15.

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Is "shirt-ton" a new measuring unit that I wasn't aware of?

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It was "shirt-ton" originally. The mods probably edited it.

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You too Ted, hold in the smoke man! HOLD IT!