By tbright010 - 08/04/2011 22:48 - United States

Today, the highlight of my day was learning how to drain my dog's anal glands. FML
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that seems all right... you got to learn something

Edjucasion is good for the brane op! Ur life sound more intrestin then mine anyway!

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22 is very dense when it comes to sarcasm

It wasnt sarcasm; I meant every word I said!

I tried doing that to my goldfish once.

ohh disregard that last comment, it was a coy fish, it wasn't mine either, I think i found it struggling in a pond at the mall.

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sounds like you have short term memor.... what?

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I'm interested in how you got yourself into that situation. I think that is way more impressive

i know the feeling my dog just died yesterday.

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dogs bring such excitement to life(:

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yea,thats never fun, but its better then leakage...

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seriously, i hate when my dog discharges on my bed in the middle of the night *vomit*

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C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! that counts when it's one guy's quadruple post right? :P

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Not considering he didn't post it 4 times. If you were a little more observant, you'd notice that it's technically one post shown 4 times.

3 times, and the 4th is a separate.

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Discharge? My never does that.

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that's not interesting that's dusgusting.

i'll send u a pic of my mom nakd ;D

Why would you own a picture of your mom naked..? That's even more disgusting than this FML!

That's just wrong on 50 different levels sir...

my mom decided dat we shud hav sex tom.

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Hey DaZi youre cool, lets be friends ;)

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me too!! my dogs anal glands are also ****** up worst smell ever at least shes getting better good luck op!

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put some bleach in the dogs water, clears it right up!

I was joking! but I guess if you didn't know that I coulda gone bad...but take it easy, hope no one takes advice off of others on fml :P

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64 I just dnt think u understand wat a dog means to some people. they r amazing and I would never even think of doing anything like that to my dog. and it's not even funny as a joke u should really watch wat u say.

well don't hold out on us - share your knowledge and wisdom...