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Today, while making my son lunch, he pooped, took off his diaper, stepped in it, and then climbed to the gate to call for me. When I arrived, he had a big smile on his face and exclaimed, "Look!" Shit footprints were everywhere. FML
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I only talking to one person here and it's this dumb bitch above you! If you don't like it, find yourself another FML. No one said you had to sit here in read this one. This is a community place. I have the right to post comments just as much as you do!

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monnanon 13

@95 exactly. Kids do not need 24 hr supervision and at 18 months old they are capable of playing on their own for the 10 minutes it takes to make lunch. Op did the right thing with her child, he could have made the same mess anywhere and in any length of time. Its what kids do.


pwincessa23 1

that ones old. anyway, how old is ur son, OP?

shut up. iv heard this pun 1000x on here

Now you've heard it 1001 times... and it continues to get less funny... -.-

That jokes as old as your mom! Which might I add is REALLY old! haha

if you're going to make a bad joke at least have the decency to make it right, I really think it was her son that was in the so-called "shitty situation"

1 last time I heard that one I fell off my dinosaur

1 last time I heard that one I fell off my dinosaur

Alicia17C 2

is it a little funny that soooo many fmls involve crap, which makes this joke appropriate? lol

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25- can anyone say Step brothers haha

gutzz 0

30- no, intelligent people gonna hate non-creative comments, lol. Oh and op's kid is 33, don't judge.

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it's sure was a shitty situation. He has about 31 1/2 years before he makes it 33, 46!!!!

mz_booty 0

what kid wouldn't do that, he doesn't have to clean it up hahaha

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and no wonder he did it u was taking to long to make his lunch!!

that's right. parents don't watch there kids enough. they lose them at shopping centers, get out the front door ect... take your responsibilities seriously.

#23: when someone makes a joke THAT lame they could at least have the courtesy to make it rime...

heathersmorin 0

excuse me 74! making lunch for my child has what do with losing him in a shopping center?? Walking out the front door. Hmm funny cause my front door is in my kitchen. What do you supose I do next time? Let him starve? Let him scream in his high chair while his food is cooking? Have him attached to my hip while I'm using a stove or oven? Cause that's safe. So since your such an expert, fill me. My ears are open.

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Lady. Most FML are to be funny, as this one was. I thought it was more funny than a FML. And my potty mouth?? Well I apologize my highness for saying hell and shit. Im sure you have never said a swear in your perfect life. Lazy? Because my child pooped? Hmm? Ok next! I need to get off my high horse?? I was never on a high horse, I was simply stating facts and asking a question, that I see didnt get answered. I think someone needs to fall off there high horse and break their neck.

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maybe you should go to sleep now. that will help you to act more coherently and more responsible.

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Hahaha Wow!! I am done here. I think I'll go make myself a sammich.

that's a start at least you know when to hang up your boots.

jess is a bitch. everyone was thinking it...

jess stfu you dumb bitch! you have no idea what your even talking about

Jess, once you become a parent, you will understand. But you don't seem the kind to be mature enough to take care of a child.

bravesfan112233 0

Don't we all?! OP YDI for cussing when you have children!! What a rude freak you are, unclassy bitch! Get back in the kitchen and make him his sammich!! I'll get my own, you'll prolly **** that up too. :D

xXCherrryBombXx 6

I did the exact same thing as a kid, don't worry, one day, you'll tease him about it, trust me

BrokenWingAngel 0

Your son new what he was doing, but that was a shitty thing he did. but that grin probably wouldn't keep me mad for long

heathersmorin 0

No I couldn't be mad at him for long! But I wasn't happy about cleaning up his poop!

heathersmorin 0

if they are old enough to take the nappy off they are old enough not wear one.

most importantly, if they are old enought to take it off they are old enought to clean. and to work in a coal mine.

Banana_Pancakes6 0

8 - It's "knew", not "new". Jesus Christ, I'm 14 and I know more about spelling and correct grammar than you...

monnanon 13

@73 my nine month old can take his nappy off, he isn't old enough not to have a nappy. Its not a hard thing for babies to do.

heathersmorin 0

73- You need to shut your mouth. I've seen comments on here, you think your shit don't stink. At 10 months he was taking his diaper off and just learning how to walk. How the hell do you expect him to get the potty barely walking?? Again, as I stated in comment #1, give me some advice, know it all, my ears are open.

well firstly you might need to toilet train your potty mouth, your language is atrocious, then I would suggest again stop being lazy and use your brain.

You need to shut your ******* mouth you stupid bitch anyone can talk however the hell they want you dumbass ****

aaahhhh you just said anyone can talk how they like!!!! lol

similies06 0

stfu, you obviously know because of you're parenting experience. self richeous bitch.

Jrefinne 7

He just wanted you to change his diaper. Who can blame him?

atomicbaboon 0

at least he's taking initiative!

twizzy21 0

im sorry but thats so funny!

lmaoatall 6

that's what you get for not buying baby Tarzan finger pants. and he even called you in to look at his shitcazo. what a mean mother you are! shame on you!!!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Wait, is he like 1 cause then it'd be cute but if he's like 6 then not really....  haha but still funny! #1 that joke is REALLY old!