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Today, I started my dream job of being a veterinarian. My first day consisted of having to put down 12 dogs and 5 cats. FML
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It's sad I know, but if they were sick or hurt you're still helping them. You have a great job OP, be proud.

I once wanted to be a vet, but the thought of having to put down so many animals turned me away. I realized I made a good decision as even reading this FML makes me cry.


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When people like you stop giving them attention.

We will never be rid of comments like that. There is an abundance of unintelligible people on the internet. What I'm more curious about is when we'll see the end of people bitching about comments.

And what's wrong with these comments? There just feeling for the person.

124- they are showing empathy yes, but they are doing it with a very unintelligent sentence and the most obvious statement ever.

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Veterinarians actually have the highest suicide rate in the US because of the depression caused by the amount of animals they have to put down

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I was under the impression that dentists have the highest suicide rate. At least that's what it says on The Whole Nine Yards.

I think it's a YDI because if OP's dream job was to be a veterinarian, then they must have done some research and knew that you would have to be putting some pets out of their misery.

143- I don't think OP expected to put so many down in one day though

I heard it was psychiatrists because they have to listen to all of people's depressing life stories.

132- true but I don't see why they get all the thumb downs for it

160 - to repeat, it's an unintelligent sentence (not that FML sentences need to be highly sophisticated) and it's the most obvious statement ever. It wouldn't be on fml if it didn't suck.

Okay I get it no need for a ******* repeat

It's sad I know, but if they were sick or hurt you're still helping them. You have a great job OP, be proud.

I would not be able to put an animal down. I love animals, but i also hate to see them suffer

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Which is why you would have to put them down. If an animal is suffering, it's not fair to let them live and be in horrifying pain. Sometimes its for the greater good.

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Plus it's part of their job, so they have to suck it up.

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I volunteered at my local Humane Center when I was 17 and sweet Lord, I couldn't take it. It's not an easy job, like nursing--but so rewarding.

I agree with 48. It's not an easy job to stomach. So OP be proud you made the lives of 12 dogs and 5 cats much better by ending their pain and suffering. And I'm sure you have years to go on your job and you will help animals and many owners with their pets. :) good luck

Not to rock the boat on everyone's "op is doing a service" but... Don't vets put down the animals at the pound? Idk I've never seen it but... If op had to put down perfectly healthy dogs... MAJOR FYL!!!

Exactly 78, vets don't always put down animals to put them out of their misery, sometimes it's because they aren't wanted, which is horrible.

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48, how the hell would you know nursing is easy? Any job in the medical field is hard.

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So you can put down an animal that is in pain and say that they needed to, however when a human is suffering, it's not okay. I fail to see how an animal's life is less than a human's life. As a matter a fact human's are a type of animal so in other words I fail to see how non-human animals should die because they are suffering when they could be cures no matter the cost, but a human oh no no no they must not die. Non-human animals are just as important.

A great job? I think you're over exaggerating. A great Job is something that you love and are passionate about. last time I checked putting down somebody's pet is not a good time.

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97- I assume from your comment you are hinting towards Dr. Kavorkian ( sp?) and might I say that when put into perspective you have a very valid point too.

99- OP did say being a vet is their dream job. Plus, anything in the medical field, such as a veterinarian, is a prestigious job in my book. Thus making it a great job viewed by myself and many others. And no one ever said putting down other people's pets is a good time.

Most animals that come to the vet are in pain either an infected eye or a broken leg etc but being a vet helps that get rid of the pain. Thats why I'm still going to be a vet :)

@noelykins1: Tell any sane person with kids that their children's lives are worth the same as your dog/cat/hamster and you WILL get punched in the face. Everything you are saying is your own opinion. Don't go mouthing off like it is fact.

I think this is the saddest FML I've read. :( But don't feel bad OP, you did the right thing by ending their suffer. :)

^ Just because humans may have more power it doesn't mean that our lives have greater value than animals'.

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92 - REREAD my comment please. I meant it's not an easy job BUT like nursing it is rewarding. Most people knew what I meant.

No, I think most people were on the same page. That left-out "but" changes the entire sentence.

I agree with #97. For example, if a dog is put down for a broken leg people would say it's good for them and puts them out of their misery. Yet if a human had a broken leg you wouldn't put them down! and if someone did they'd go to jail for a very long time and be on the news etc.. But people treat animals like they matter less, which is totally unfair.

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I once wanted to be a vet, but the thought of having to put down so many animals turned me away. I realized I made a good decision as even reading this FML makes me cry.

I really like how your picture somewhat correlates with the fact that you love animals.

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The thought of palpating horses & cows turned me away! :|

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#3 I think being able to end the suffering of an animal that is in terminal pain is actually a noble thing. What really sucks is that vets are called upon to kill perfectly healthy animals on demand. From what I understand, they can't say no.

I once wanted to be a vet.. then I learned you have to stick your fingers up animal butts.

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49- On the other hand, clearly you're a total badass, insulting people over FML.

38, you could still be a small animal vet, that way you don't have to stick your hand up cows and horses asses!

@Perdix - I don't know the law in other counties, but here, putting down perfectly healthy animals (if not with a permit like for slaughter) is not even legal, let alone a "must". I really hope what you say isn't true for other countries, that would be awful :(

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I still want to be a vet, even with all the trauma i would go through.

At least you put them out of their pain OP, best of luck for tomorrow!

OP I know it's a hard job but you really are helping relieve sick or injured animals who are in very much pain. Think of it positively. It may not seem like it but you truly are helping them.

Thank you, 4, for stating that. I had to tell my friend, who I lived with, while she was in Vet school, doing her externship, that it will be part of her job. And, although it is sad, at least the animals won't be in pain anymore. She stopped crying so much after I explained that to her.

Sadly, that's how it is. At least you'll have good times, not just death all the time. Look forward to all the animals you'll be helping!

Yeah better luck for tomorrow, because if things go on like that in a month from now her soul will be gone.

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Hey, man doctors lose patients even the first day too. Sometimes its just a bad day

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Eventually it will get easier, but that is a bit much for your first day. Good luck with your career.

Bad days happen :( but just think- you will get practiced and you won't hurt as much after each time you gotta put them down.

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Hooray for becoming callous !

It'd still hurt but like they say in war... You always remember the first kill.

That made me spit out my Dr. Pepper. Lmao

That would definitely be tough... When I had to put my dog down, I bawled (balled?) like a baby. Still, you get to spend a very intimate moment with those animals as their suffering is ended.

The amount of animals is surprising. It sounds like you were given this dirty job as a beginner by someone else who doesn't want to deal with this.