By ihaveissues - 19/10/2017 01:30

Today, the handle on our front door broke, leaving us unable to open it. We got a guy to come to sort it out, but all he succeeded in doing was completely wrecking the door. He says he can come back next week. We have no other way out of the house. FML
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Any reason you can't call another guy? Or take the door off its hinges and get a whole new one put on?


For some people, the back door is only for pooping.

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Our house has a back door, but it opens to a highly fenced garden (very common in England), so you can't get out. I was going to suggest windows, but again, all windows in England don't open wide enough. Not sure where OP is located, but I can see how this might be possible

The phrase “front door” suggests there’s another door, like a side door or back door, but perhaps OP lives in an apartment and it’s the only door in or out. I only have one way to enter/exit my apartment, but I still refer to it as the front door (as opposed to my bathroom door or bedroom door). In that case, maybe OP lives on a higher floor. The situation does seem perplexing, though.

Scratch that—just reread it and saw OP said “house”.

Any reason you can't call another guy? Or take the door off its hinges and get a whole new one put on?

I have never seen a house with only one door. And can't call someone else?

Welcome to escape the room home edition!!!! But seriously there has to be another way out that's a serious fire hazard

Okay, I get that things look pretty bad right now, but don't you think it was a little soon to move to the bomb shelter?

You could go up the chimney like Santa Claus.

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Sorry, I accidentally hit the thumb down button trying to open the answers on the comment above. I'm usually a fan of your smart a$$ commentary.

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I am concerned, do you have enough food to last you a whole week being trapped inside your home?

There are all of 2 screws on a door handle which you unscrew from inside the home. Take those out and you can disassemble the whole handle and open the door slab with ease. Go to your local hardware store and buy a new handle for about $30 and install it in reverse order from when you took the old one out. Takes all of 5 minutes or so to swap a door handle if you have the parts.

Stormy's totally got it. We am not particularly handy but I still have full confidence I could change a lock/handle or even a whole door. If the salesman's advice, inserts that come with the product, and common sense are not enough, there are YouTube videos to walk you through any DIY imaginable. Giving this incompetent handyman so much power over their lives is not necessary. Aside from fixing it themselves lves, OP should report the loser to the BBB and am other place they can, so nobody else makes the mistake of calling him for help.

We am? **** you autocorrect. Obviously I meant "I am"