By Anonymous - 14/05/2013 17:03 - United States - Norman

Today, my doorknob broke. While trying to impress my dad and show that I can fix things for girls, I somehow managed to lock myself in my room, with the doorknob on the other side of the door. When my dad finally heard my screams, he let me out. He had to take the whole door off. FML
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I understand your situation, but if you didn't know how to do it you should've at least looked it up on the Internet or consulted someone besides him


evilraider 5

I don't think she was arrogant...

And I don't think that has crap to do with Karma.

She arrogantly tried to prove to her dad that she could fix things and got locked out in the process. How is that not karma?

Not sure, on one hand this may be a girl or may be a guy, the wording seems weird to me. It almost seems like they meant that they tried to impress their dad by showing they can fix stuff for girls ( like a handy-man). Which goes without saying, women tend to like guys who can fix stuff. Maybe I read too much into it haha.

I read it as OP was a guy trying to prove he can fix things for a girl....Maybe I'm wrong.

nisse_fml 9

#69 So did I. That on the other hand makes him really arrogant if he thinks the fact he has a penis makes him better at fixing things...

Karma is fictional. So.. you're all right about it. It can be anything you want it to be.

Pretty sure it's a girl trying to impress her dad and show him that girls can fix things.... Karma is shitty things happening to shitty people, or good things to good people, and doesn't apply at all here.

I take that back. I wish the windows phone app showed gender, not that it really matters, but after reading it over again I'm not sure which OP is.

bfsd42 20

You hit the nail on the head with that one, lets hope OP has better lock next time.

I don't know about you, but I just find this situation a-DOOR-able.

Next time, no need to capitalize the door, us commenters are smarter than you think. And the pun wasn't terrible except for the fact that it made no sense because the situation was in no way adorable. Not trying to criticize, it was clever and you can have some good comments in the future.

Personally, I find it adorable that he tried to prove himself worthy...only to fail. Then again, I guess that's just me. ... Also I thought it sounded a bit better with the emphasis.

I understand your situation, but if you didn't know how to do it you should've at least looked it up on the Internet or consulted someone besides him

jisaac09 25

There isn't much to it. Nobody should have a problem doing something as simple as changing a doorknob. Unless you have to resize the whole for the doorknob it should be a relatively simple task. Even for people without a very mechanical mind.

Why would you need to impress your father?

She actually has a point. In a perfect world...

Well at least you got out. Maybe you can find something else to fix to impress your dad with.

Maybe she can start with her pride...

Maybe their ability to create traps without even trying. OP has a gift.

Try to understand the issue before you walk into it

perdix 29

Why are doorknobs for girls? Is this a kinky thing, or does your sentence structure just suck that badly?

I think he meant that if he had a girlfriend he could help her out... I think

RedPillSucks 31

Don't google "one girl, three knobs"

flockz 19

i googled it and it came back with multiple gangbang videos. i guess google knows my daily schedule all too well. warning to everyone: don't watch **** and go on FML at the same time. 50% of the time the stories are boner killers.

Next time just leave the fixing to your dad.

Well you tried it's not a huge deal to ask for help...I still need help with some household fixing tasks...