By Anonymous - United States - Indianapolis
Today, after extensive tests due to pregnancy-related issues, I've been told my diet must change. I can no longer eat salt, sugar, gluten, or meat, and lactose is questionable. The doctor hopes it will end after the birth. Seven months to go. FML
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  chyiochan  |  31

Its the rule of threes: 3 Minutes without air (Or in icy water), 3 hours without shelter (In bad conditions) 3 days without water(If sheltered) and 3 weeks without food (If you have water and shelter)

By  GhostFox  |  33

Yikes. You should ask them if they can put you on some sort of dietary replacement formula, or you are going to get seriously sick, very fast. With that much of what's needed for basic life functions, never mind healthy functioning, it should be possible to get it covered by insurance under "failure to thrive" or a similar diagnostic code.

  GhostFox  |  33

I think if that were a method OP was willing to consider, they wouldn't have said, "Seven months to go."

Rather indicates a desire to continue the mission, that.

  GhostFox  |  33

@Tina Marie

Its more of a parasite than a functional life at this point for one. Especially since its brain is either still undeveloped or still so underdeveloped it can hardly be considered a "life."

Saying that someone should have to continue a pregnancy (especially if it were one they didn't want to begin with) that is putting their health and potentially life at risk is, to be blunt, idiotic. You are saying that they should risk dying for a child that they potentially don't want, and that either they have to take care of a child with their health ruined by the pregnancy, or that they should die and leave the child- and any previous children- sans a parent. Which could leave them to be raised by the spouse or partner- who likely resents the child on some level- with all the difficulties involved in single parenthood. It could also result in them being placed in the horribly overcrowded, underfunded, and unsafe government care.

Finally, if someone doesn't have the desire to bring a child into the world, they have every right to have an abortion at a reasonable time period. It's THEIR body, not yours, not the church's, not the governments, not the fetus's. Unless you personally would somehow carry the fetus the rest of the pregnancy term, and personally care for the child, don't tell someone to not have an abortion if they want one.

By  wiccaantje  |  20

I assume that you also can't eat the standard pregnancy diet restrictions like fish, cheese, eggs unless overly done, raw vegetables and cafeïne. How exactly are you going to survive?