By Anonymous - 22/03/2014 22:01 - Canada - Toronto

Today, the guy I've been dating told me with a wink that before he'll go on any more dates, he'd require me to take a series of "oral exams" to prove I'm right for him. I think he actually expected that to work. NEXT. FML
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martialart1st18 19

That's lame he need to learn how to talk to women

Guy: "I'm a gigantic dirtbag." OP: "True." Some oral exams aren't that difficult after all.


martialart1st18 19

That's lame he need to learn how to talk to women

Probability states that eventually this will work. If men and women are equal (they are), then if used enough, eventually this line will be used on someone who for some reason, finds it as charming or humorous, as the guy does. It's not an efficient strategy, but it's a strategy for some.

JMichael 25

And not expect anything just because they've been dating 2 days.

martialart1st18 19

You put way too much thought into that

It doesn't take much thought at all, really. With all the people in the world, probability makes nearly anything possible.

martialart1st18 19

A fun effect of probability, theoretically, if your particles are vibrating at the right frequency, with the right orientation to an object with the right density, you'll be able to either push your hand through the physically solid object, or merge your molecules with its. The probability of it happening would be an extraordinary number, but that doesn't change the fact there's an astronomically small chance that someday, somewhere, someone will phase through a solid object. So start walking into walls now, it could be you!

RedPillSucks 31

That probability also requires one to try that line on all the women of the world.

Um, no... just all the women he can find until that works :p Unless you were attempting to make a joke on the fact that no one in their right mind would find that line humorous or charming or whatnot. If that's the case, ignore what I said above :)

vb68_fml 28

He needs to learn how to think!

I think I'd be one of the women this'd work on quite honestly, depending on the level of attraction I'd have for him which would be pretty high as hypothetically we'd already have gone on a few dates.

I'm still wondering how her life is ******?

addioty 19

If the guy was attractive enough and I found him funny, knowing me I'd probably laugh and do it.

Geez, good thing you won't take that test

Why would he want to waste any time?

Well, some people like to actually be in love or even married with a person before they decide to do sexual activities with them.

Or some people like to not be asked super creepy questions even if they were keen before that, definite turn off.

Guy: "I'm a gigantic dirtbag." OP: "True." Some oral exams aren't that difficult after all.

#4, you made me laugh out loud. Good one. OP- better luck next time.

Well, at least you found out how much of a creep he is now rather than later!

Not really a creep, probably just someone who objectifies women...

In my opinion, that's pretty creepy. Hence why I called him a creep.

YellowKettleBell 31

I think most people would call such a man a creep.

#9 - That often goes well together...

YellowKettleBell 31

#6 Well obviously because he just lost OP

Obviously needs new pick up lines. I'd leave right away if a guy told me that

he should have used this one "Hey baby I heard you're looking for a STUD, I have the STD all i need is U."

He should have used; 'Spell me' OP 'erm ok M..e' 'you forgot the D' OP 'there isn't a D in Me' 'not yet...'

braidedsilver 8

I always liked this classic line: Guy: Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

This one is pretty crappy but... "My love for you is just like diarrhea: I can't hold it in."

i wish more guys would try to treat women with a little more respect

juan3611 14

A girl I like was doing a lab with me then a guy just saying she was a hoe... And then she lost interest in me and started talking to him

juan3611 14

Plot twist: he meant a checkup at the dentist.