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Today, at college, I was frantically trying to finish an essay on gay rights that was due less than an hour later. In the end I failed, because the college internet filters kept classifying every single page containing the information I needed as "sex", and blocked it all. FML
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Never leave work until the last minute OP. Allow time for unexpected crisis.

BubbleGrunge 18

Gay rights are equal rights, the end! That would have been an A+ paper, OP!


BubbleGrunge 18

Gay rights are equal rights, the end! That would have been an A+ paper, OP!

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23 - Who gives a damn if bigots are offended?

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#23: well they can suck it up, who cares what you think if your trying to tell someone else how to live their life. i could care less if you get offended just by saying its human rights, you offend me by acting like the subject mater should be kept hush hush.

#37 Well who gives a damn if gays are offended...personally I don't care if people are gay or straight.

Am I the only one wondering why a college still has internet filters? Usually they only have those in high schools

Fuck them I hope they have a stroke

#52: Nope I was wondering too what kind of buttfuck college the OP attends.

Fair point, 47... I don't care what people think about the legality of non-heterosexual marriage (personally pro-equal rights), but what really pisses me of is when people say it's "wrong to be gay." They were born that way and bullying people because they're gay is morally equivalent to bullying people because of their skin color, gender, or disability/disorder. If people could "choose to be gay," I doubt anyone would, simply because it's not the norm and there aren't exactly any advantages of it. Just my opinion; believe what you want, but don't hate. It's what Jesus Christ wanted.

Because who gives a shit whether you can write as long as you can regurgitate the opinions of others. And @52 and others, my university had some filters as well. But they were very limited. I ran into the same issue while researching for a paper on nuclear power plants (for terrorist/extremist content).

#57. Yea, I don't think it is wrong to be gay. But I hate it when a straight person says something, rude or not, about gays and they are instantly labeled as homophobic and a bigot.

Why should it be a+? what if he sucked at writing and his arguments were weak.

It's good that he failed because firstly gays are not all about "sex" and his choice of words were wrong. Secondly you don't need 'information' to right about gay rights when you're in college, regardless of viewpoint. Basically, YDI

@76: I think OP might have actually been trying to search up the words "same-sex" and for college papers you usually need references. :)

NiceGuysDoWin 21

OP deserved it for waiting until an hour before the paper was due. If he'd given himself even 24 hours to write it, he would have realized the problem and been able to correct it by going to a net cafe or borrowing a friend's internet connection.

I've observed that homosexuality is very much like alcoholism. It probably has genetic origins but is triggered by certain traumas at a young age, or simply by other environmental factors. Even though this means it's not their choice or fault for having homosexual attractions, it does not mean it is "right" or "good" for them to indulge in them. It would be like telling an alcoholic to drink to his heart's content because "he shouldn't deny who he is" or "he should be himself". But as for rights, gays already have equal rights. They can vote, they aren't segregated, they even have their gay pride parades where they wear immodest clothing in public. Treating them as almost as an oppressed "racial group" is really downplaying the ACTUAL oppression of the African Americans and other racial minorities in our history. As for marriage itself, this is all just an attempt to destroy the institution of marriage. The gay rights activists see marriage as a symbol of heterosexual oppression, and they seek to pervert it or remove it entirely. Read it for yourself from Masha Gessen, a lesbian journalist. This gay rights push for "marriage equality" isn't as many think it is.

My previous comment was not "shocking or hateful about other users" nor did it say that the post was fake nor did it include any "TXT language". Those are the only guidelines you moderators are to abide by according to your site, and yet you delete my comment for it being "ranty nonsense". I have a feeling you simply disagree with my opinion and saw fit to remove my comment to remove all contrary opinions, as there are many others on this comment thread that thoroughly explained their opinions.

Different viewpoints? what a fascinating new way of describing bigotry.

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

When your opinions deprive some people of rights you enjoy, like the right to marry or even just walk down the street with your partner in peace... Then no, you're not entitled to it and you will be called out on it.

I feel that even if you're against gays, as long as you don't try to force others to follow your beliefs, you have the constitutional right to be an asshole.

Ugh. It truly disgusts me when people say that you don't have the right to an opinion. Ever heard of the constitution? I agree with you on gay rights, but it's rather sick when you attempt to deprive a person of their opinion. Is that not similar to those who hate gay people?

It is your constitutional right to an opinion, but it is my constitutional right to call you on what, in my opinion, is bullshit. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how free speech works.

Non-American FML users are protected by the US Constitution now? That's some nice globalization you've got going there.

Fuck off you ignorant prick

exactly #39. everyone, this is NOT AMERICA. this is a site on the world wide web, so you cant apply all US laws and constitutions to this site. and if everyones entitled to their own opinion, that means people are entitled to argue with it and say its wrong. that being said, if you are against gay rights you are ****** and i wish YOU were illegal.

that wasn't even the point of the fml

Each to their own #2 each to their own.

I am honestly indifferent on the gay rights issue, but comments like 16 piss me off. get the hell off your high horse. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if you're not in agreement with it. shouting (texting?) people down over percived slights makes you look like an ass.

everyone is entitled to their opinion. you dont have to like it, but atleast respect it. and just dont be a tool who pushes their opinions on others. i cant stand those types of people.

Liberals. Liberals everywhere. *sigh*

56 is right. Call us bigots, retards, anything you want, but as actually one of my atheist friends said, "your religion/opinion is like a dick. It's ok to have one, and you can look at it all you want, but don't wave it around in public, and don't shove it down people's throats." I'm a Christian, and I've found this one of his best statements. I've found lately that the gay rights movement has become more abusive and severe than the "anti-gay" movement. One of my friends, when some gays went to chick fil a, was molested by someone who was gay, and when he denied being gay he was called scum. The police couldn't have done anything because they would most likely be sued. I may not be for gay rights, but that doesn't mean I hate everything. Thank you for your time.

Your right to free speech doesn't protect every dumb ******* thing you say. You have no right to say what you want if it threatens the rights of others. Ever wonder why you can't scream "bomb" in an airport??? Or say "I'm gonna kill you" jokingly?

My comment was for the user originally referencing the constitution

Never leave work until the last minute OP. Allow time for unexpected crisis.

BubbleGrunge 18

While I have to agree to an extent, I actually do my best work closes to a deadline. I'd prob give myself more than an hour, but I've always been a last minute person.

I always work best at the last minute, however I see where you're coming from because last Friday I was trying to finish coursework that was 50% of my grade the night before it was due, noticed I had 7% battery aand my charger died. Completely gone, no power at all. I tried to print what I had done and my laptop battery died half way through. I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried.

I agree with #3, OP quite probably had ample time to deal with this project but instead blew it off and waited till last minute. OP is a procrastinating piece o dog meat that needs to be beaten mercilessly by by the lecturer in front of the class.

Amanyyyyyy 29

Next time don't wait til the last minute... Or use a proxy.

I can watch **** at my college *shrug*

That'll get you straight A's ^

Or,in this particular case, gay A's. YEAAAAAH.

Google "How to set up VPN" you're all welcome.

"Task cannot be completed." "- Reason: Sex"

Talk to your professor maybe he'll give you an extension.,

Amanyyyyyy 29

For procrastinating?

He might have started the assignment earlier and still not have been able to get the information, who knows?

You shouldn't have procrasterbated

Whether that was an extreme typo or a horrible attempt at a pun, you failed miserably.

uh. procrasterbated is procrastination and **********

Why am I getting the feeling that the comments of this FML will break out in a gay rights debate..? Anyways, I'm sure you can discuss it with your professor, OP. If all else fails, type it up in a word document and print it out.

That sucks. But you shouldn't be finishing your paper the hour before.

cjwayy 22

Yeah, same-sex and homosexual have the word "sex" in them so that's a total inconvenience... The filters at my school block Huffington Post because it has "huff".

#12: Your profile says you're 19, so you're either in your senior year or in college. Either way, you're an adult, but your school is afraid you'll google "huff"? That's asinine.