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Today, I went to see my new dentist. He was really cute, so after the checkup I started flirting. He stopped me right after I asked him out, saying, "Being a dentist has its advantages, I can see the girl's mouth before I stick my tongue in it. And in your case, it's a big no." FML
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Bostern 29

Maybe you should have said "I have another cavity that needs filling, if you know what I mean."

BURN. This is why you don't flirt with your doctors of any kind...


hmm... dental flush?

Too many herpes sores?

Also black and yellow teeth apparently

Wow that is so funny! I have one right now! :P But it's from a cold.

confettifarts 4

You don't get a cold sore from a cold.... You get it cause you have herpes on your face. A cold sore is a nice way of putting it. And that's nasty.

Ok yeah... it was actually from stress, but I got a cold arsewell...

It's not always herpes. Educate yourself

shan88 14

57 actually it's a form of herpes, all cold sores are from the herpes family. It's not always passed sexually though

Wait, in Dutch it is called "Koortslip", You get like this painful blister on or next to your mouth. We are talking about the same thing, right?

CelticMarine 3

Herpes simplex 1 and 2. One is oral/cold sores and the other is genital/warts. Still same virus family. Just doesn't have to be sexually transmitted, a lot of kids get them if their mother had herpes and had a vaginal delivery.

So I have Herpes Complex 1? Hmmkay! Thank you for the info! :)

I believe what you're thinking of are mouth ulcers.

No, that is on the inside of the mouth, right? I have it on my lip... I get it like every time I have like a little fever or am a bit stressed.

A lot of people have the Herpes simplex "1" virus. (AKA a fever blister or cold sore) It lays dormant in your system and when you are stressed out or have a weaken immune system (perhaps after being ill) it tends to break out. Some never get symptoms but still carry the virus. It's contagious! So watch who you're kissing or drinking after. These are only on your mouth and not down south. That's something else. :O

Well, I guess with my love life it will not be passed on to others :P xD

hotPinklipstick 24

Gunnie- Why would you post that you have any form of an STD/STI? I'm pretty sure that's not something you should want share with with world. While it is true that more than 90% of the population has herpes 1, it's still not something you should broadcast to the online world... But hey, that's just my opinion.

HotPinkLipstick- When did I ever say I had an STD/STI? : o

hotPinklipstick 24

A cold sore is a form of herpes, herpes is an STD/STI. You stated you have a cold sore, therefore you have an STD/STI. I'm not sure how to break that down to a simpler form.

Herpes is not an STD in all cases. Look, I am not trying to look smart or anything, I commented only because I have a type of herpes! Isn't that a coincidence!!? :) I was not implying I had an STD or STI or whatever. Wouldn't you find it ironic?

Just because someone has HSV-1, does not mean that its always an STD/STI. I'm pretty sure that almost everyone has had at least 1 cold sore in their life...whoop de do. Now, if you're being sexually active at a time when a person who has a cold sore present (i.e. around the mouth), play carefully. Now if someone has HSV-2, then maybe they should be wary on who they tell (Personally, I wouldn't tell anyone except my intimate partners). That is a personal choice though, maybe there's more to their story than what the common belief is.

Why is everyone so stupid? Gunnie (is that the name, eh) had a cold sore, you can get them when you're sick or stressed, it is a form of herpes. Dumbed it down a bit for you, it's not an ulcer. 82, are you retarded, it's not an STD.

Thank you Skellingtonfart! :) It seems like there are few people that understand me ^_^

this thread reminds me of playing telephone. it started out about the fml and op's mouth but then changed into multiple explanations about herpes...

You're kinda ignorant, bro...having a cold sore doesn't mean you have and STD. As stated above, cold sores are not always transmitted through intercourse. A lot of people get them through being stressed. Knowledge is power, my friend

hotPinklipstick 24

Cold sores are a form of herpes, and are contagious. They can be transmitted via sharing lipstick, sharing drinks, etc, and (last but not least) KISSING. Ergo cold sores are still a form of an STI.

Walrus penis. Oh I'm sorry, I thought we were saying things that had nothing to do with the FML? Please take your pissing contest somewhere else. This isn't the place for it.

If only Docbastard were here to clarify and then rant about stupidity

Wayoo I can't believe one little comment could start such a commotion xD Haah

tj5810 21

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Sounds like you chose the wrong phrase actually.

sounds like she got shoved off the train of a guy who cares about dental hygiene because its what his whole career is centered around.

Sounds like he dodged a bullet. I wouldn't want to kiss someone with a nasty mouth either.

dontpanic_fml 32

Nor anyone who starts flirting with a dentist after an appointment and straight asks him out. That just sounds...dumb to me. Who does that?

Try again, 4.

BURN. This is why you don't flirt with your doctors of any kind...

oj101 33

Agreed. Doctors I know who are family members/ freinds cannot legally be my GP. Plus, all doctors are legally required to keep a strict platonic relationship with their patients. It extends to light flirting, meeting up etc.

Come on, Doc B. probably is surrounded by like 6 girls all the time.

44- only on FML.

44- Pretty sure he's married, so unless he has five daughters...

morganrules123 10

44- He's a trauma surgeon. His patients aren't in flirting condition.

RedPillSucks 31

That doesn't stop him from being surrounded by groupies... It just turns out that Mrs Bastard is Chuck Norris, so they can't get close.

Where is Doc B? I haven't seen him around...either that or I haven't been.going to.the 2nd page of comments..

He's around.

Bostern 29

Maybe you should have said "I have another cavity that needs filling, if you know what I mean."

If your user name has anything to do with it, I see his reasons.

oj101 33

That must've left quite a cavity in your ego.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Time to brush and floss more often? Maybe he'll say yes at your next appointment!

Wow that is very optimistic! :)

Thanks OP your username got that song stuck in my head again after I spent a year trying to forget it. :(

That's considered a song?? Oh, God...

RedPillSucks 31

I still haven't figured out what the song is suppose to be about.

You know what it is, BLACK AND YELLOW , black and yellow. Okay I ll stop

A lot of people think it's about the steelers. It's not. There's a video on YouTube of him personally saying, "no is not [about my Steelers]. If you actually listen to my song you'd know it's about my new Camaro, I'm a bit of a car freak (black stripes, yellow paint, etc)"

Artists really are infinitely creative these days...