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  cellerbeck  |  4

I know that pain. just a few days ago she added me as her brother because she didn't want to add my last name to hers for a day ( the posts where someone will say if you like this status first I'll use your profile pic and if you like it second ect)

By  laughing_atyou  |  0

WOW 7 years?? You know there are other shits in the shithole? Right?

Nahh, I'm kidding with you, OP. You must be feeling that "WTF, OMG," emptiness. Well I feel kinda sorry? Actually, TOO BAD HAHAHA!

  Mortoli  |  30

That saying sounds pointless to me.. The idea is to get them to love/like you the way you want them to. 7 years were wasted for him. I'm sure she's a great friend but when aiming for higher, brother isn't the type of love he looking for. Then again 7 years was a long time to make a move should have tried sooner... Then again I'm one to talk I'm extremely shy when it comes to girls lol.


Because he wants to have sex with her and she's like "Nooo I can't have sex with my brother." Hence the FML.

Oh btw, I forgive you for being dumb. Why? Because you're a woman.